Are these scrappers?

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    As I continue to organize my traders, I’ve finally come to my hidden mickey pins and other questionable pins. These are heavily scrapped, so need your opinion/guidance.

    These 1st 2 pins have a “thorn” near the post. Fronts look good.

    Queen of Hearts with playing cards

    Donald Duck tiki

    These next 2 pins have good fronts, but the backs are “striated” or less smooth. I just bought some hidden mickey blue and pink bags and was shocked at how a handful of the backs were similarly imperfect. Not all though; many were smooth and shiny.

    Minnie fashion

    DCA wilderness trail

    In total, I pulled 17 pins that fit the above. Tradeable or toss them?

    I also found 23 pins with bad dips, wrong colors, etc. so they’re gone.

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