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Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by chubs191, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Okay. So. I got home last night, the first thing I did was super inspect my AoA pin. I found it was a lesser quality one than I've seen before (granted I've only seen one twice).

    The enamel is raised higher than the metal in two spots and it's streaky and rough feeling in the opaque areas. It has a very similar feeling to the fake Frozen Door Jumbo I bought a while back.

    I also thought that the fill of the tail was more of a pearly swirl, instead of a translucent shimmer.


    Anyone with the pin they bought at D23 able to compare?


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  2. Disneychildwithin

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    Oh gosh I hope it's just a manufacturing issue...I can't even scrutinize it though, all I can do is admire it and think "so beautiful!"
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  3. bart

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    it looks like a manufacturing defect to me
  4. this_and_that

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    I agree, particularly as it came in the complete original packaging.
  5. this_and_that

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    A quick review of the pictures posted them both this thread and in the mail days thread suggest that this pin may have only come in the original inner box. And by that I mean that it did not also come in the outer decorative cardboard box.

    Even if that is the case, I still believe that what you have here is the real pin just one with manufacturing flaws. Because it did come with the original inner box. And because the pictures in your older thread about the questionable Frozen DLP Jumbo suggest that it did not come with any original packaging.

    Original packaging, even partial, it’s a strong indicator to me that the pin is the real deal.

    And, unfortunately, it’s been my experience over the past 13 years that pretty much every pin released by Disney has manufacturing defects, some very easily able to be seen, and others that are very hard to see.

    The above it being the case, my position on manufacturing defects has evolved over the years. And by this I mean unless I can see it immediately at first glance, without my glasses on, holding the pin a couple inches from my eyes, then I just disregard it.
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  6. Romancing_Train

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    My friend took photos for you to compare[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Lisa Lopez

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    I wish I had a real pin in my possession for comparison, but I only have Pinpics, which is not a great quality photo when I try to enlarge. Everything looks great, that I can see, with the exception of the face....maybe. Based on the Pinpics photo, the face on your pin appears slightly more elongated. But, that may be because whoever took the photo for Pinpics took the photo at an angle, rather than from directly above, which skews the image a little.

    I’m not an Ariel collector, but the pin you have is beautiful.
  8. Pinamabobs

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    Now you all have me worried! I bought my Art of Ariel pin from what appeared to be a trustworthy pin seller, but unboxed, but the pin seems to me to be absolutely genuine, front and back. It looks like both the pins above. There are a couple of small bumps inside the dark bit of the tail--just a texture imperfection that only shows in the light, that seem to be a manufacturing flaw which I am ok with, because the pin appears perfect and genuine apart from that. But would be grateful for any thoughts? Are there unidentifiable counterfeits out there? Thanks!
  9. bookhugger

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    I haven't heard of any counterfeits or scrappers
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  10. Pinamabobs

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    That's a relief to know, thank you!
    Do manufacturing defects like a couple of tiny bumps in the tail matter? I purchased mine a couple months ago, and intend to keep it forever and they do not bother me, but if I need to sell it on, I hope it won't be a problem.

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