Disappointed in Shop Disney Purchase

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by Lisa Lopez, May 1, 2018.

  1. Lisa Lopez

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    I just received the R2D2 shirt I was going to wear to Disneyland this week and I’m so disappointed. Apparently it came from a 3rd party. The material is thin and see through, the graphics are faded (like it has been washed dozens of times), there are no tags on it, and it smells like white vinegar.

    Just felt like ranting a little, especially since I waited 2 1/2 weeks for it.
  2. pretty Omi

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    Absolutely call them and see about a return. You may not have it for your trip, but they should take care of you!

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  3. NutMeg

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    Ranting is always perfectly acceptable on here! It better be, since I do it all the time. xD

    The tops I've gotten from Disney have always been pretty hit-or-miss, unfortunately... the threads on the embroidered logo of my Hollywood Tower Hotel pullover started to fray after just one wash, which was a huge bummer because it's one of my favorite sweatshirts. >.< I have to use nail clippers to trim it, lol. But my Haunted Mansion sweatshirt has held up ok, as has my ToT Final Checkout shirt (although I don't wear that one much because it's more of a collectible to me.) Also, the stuffing in one of the ears of my Nightmare Before Christmas headband started to come out when I got home from my last trip (see what I mean about my rants? Haha.)

    Anyway, like Omi said, definitely ask for a refund!! Even though their products are sometimes shoddy, Disney's customer service is pretty much always excellent, at least in my experience (I've heard others say differently, but there's only ever been one time where I wan't reimbursed, and that was a whole other thing with a park meal...)

    I still hope you have an AMAZING time at Disneyland!!! Be sure to tell us all about your trip when you get back! <3
  4. starry_solo

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    Definitely call and complain; ask for a return shipping label. They may just refund you and let you keep the shirt!
  5. dancecats

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    How disappointing. I second what everyone else said; definitely contact them and ask for a refund/return.

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