Going to WDW for the first time! Best restaurant to try?

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by DrewStitch, Aug 12, 2018 at 12:57 PM.

  1. DrewStitch

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    I’m finally going to WDW for the first time and I’m so excited! I’m a big budget foodie so I was wondering what were some recommendations! I love trying new food at Disneyland so I’m going to be in food heaven at WDW. I wanted to try at least one sit in restaurant while I’m there-but there’s so many to choose from!
  2. xdattax

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    More details are needed.

    Which park?
    How long is your stay?
    Budget foodie, so Victoria and Albert or Mr. Paul is out of the question.
    Any food issues to be concerned about?

    That said, I would vote for Chefs de France, Tokyo Dining, or Be Our Guest. Those are good general recommendations.
  3. DrewStitch

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    I’ll be visiting all the parks! I’ll be there for two days so hopefully that’ll be enough time. I can pretty much eat anything. I was just wondering what are some good cheap food places to try but also I’m planning one nice restaurant. I’m in love with Carthay Circle at DCA, so any other restaurants like that or even better would be the icing on the cake to my trip.

    Thanks for those recommendations! I’ll look into them!
  4. xdattax

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    I enjoyed the Brown Derby at Studios. Not so much a fan of 50s Prime Time Diner.

    Everyone says AK has excellent food, Tiffins and Boma, but I haven’t been. Yet. ^_^
  5. Ajk

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    Tiffins all the way.
  6. dancecats

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    Wait a second. Let me get this straight. All of the parks in two days. Are. You. Crazy?!? That is absolutely NOT enough time and I think it's sheer madness to even consider attempting it. You have to understand this: WDW is (no exaggeration here) twice the size of Manhattan and unlike DLR, where you can walk from one park to the next, park hopping requires transportation, either Disney-provided or your own. You cannot just walk from one park to another. There are very few resorts that are within walking distances to a park or Disney Springs. If you attempt to do all four parks in two days, you'll end up running nonstop from park open to close, completely exhausting yourself in the process, likely leave needing a recovery holiday after that vacation - and you still won't have seen and done everything anyway. You could be there for two weeks and you still can't see and do everything so don't. even. try. If you just have two days, I would suggest planning your dining, picking a few things that you consider 'must dos' (take full advantage of your FastPass reservations), and consider everything else you get done a bonus - and figure that you always can come back because, let's face it, WDW is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    As far as dining goes, full stop, hands down, IMO, the best restaurant on Disney property is V&A. However, there are a few caveats to consider before booking a reservation:
    1. The dinner is very lengthy. Since you're going to be there for a very short time, I don't know how you feel about having a 3-4+ hour dinner.
    2. I'm not going to lie; it's expensive. It's a prix fixe menu with optional upcharge choices scattered throughout. I think it's worth every penny, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's still expensive.
    3. There is an enforced dress code. Unless you dress like a member of the royal family, you likely will not be able to just walk into the restaurant from a day in the parks and be seated. And yes, they will deny you seating if you are not compliant with the dress code (I have seen it happen).
    4. It can be very hard to get reservations; you need to book well in advance directly through the restaurant. Central reservations no longer can book this one (unless this changed again).

    If these aren't deal breakers, I absolutely would make V&A your table service dinner. I don't think you'll regret it for a second. If not, I absolutely can give you other dining recommendations, for both table and quick service. I just need to know: do you prefer eating at resorts or theme parks? And if theme parks, which park(s)? Are you definitely visiting all four parks? Will you have a park hopper ticket?

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