Hi! Doll collector from the UK here!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Pink_Plastic_Princess, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Pink_Plastic_Princess

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    Hello everyone! It's great to be here.

    I heard about this forum through the doll collecting sphere of the internet, I was told there are great discussion threads and Disney news here! I'm a doll collector mostly, I only have a couple of pins so I guess I'll be hanging out mostly in the "Other Disney Collectibles" forum, but I'm excited to learn more about pins too!
    Thanks for having me!

    - Amy x
  2. Disneychildwithin

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    Hi Amy! It's good to have you here. I myself started out as a doll collector, but Disney has invaded in so many other areas that I now have multiple collections happening. What dolls do you collect? Disney only, 12", 17"? This will be a great place to share lots of Disney info, and let me encourage you to share your collection in the showroom thread, I'd love to see it and I'm sure many other members would too.

  3. Pink_Plastic_Princess

    Pink_Plastic_Princess New Member

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    I collect the Disney Classic 12" dolls, from the store and the parks, and the Animator toddler dolls :3 I also collect a few other dolls that aren't Disney.

    Thanks! I'll be sure to take a good photo and share it here! <3
  4. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Hello and welcome! I don't collect any dolls, but it's always nice to see everyone's collections!
  5. Papaya

    Papaya Active Member

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    Hello! Can't wait to see your collection. :) Lovely icon too!
  6. Damiens pins

    Damiens pins Well-Known Member

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    Hi there its nice to see another UK person on here trust me you will start with dolls then you will catch the craze and move onto pins! Lol
  7. tiggermickey

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  8. CCofRR13

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    Hi and Welcome!
  9. starry_solo

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    We love doll collectors too!
  10. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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  12. coblj003

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    Hello Amy and welcome to the forum!
  13. 2Jewels

    2Jewels Princess of the Pins

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    Hello and welcome! Please post pics of your collection!

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