How to get a US shipping address?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Loomi, Feb 10, 2018.

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    I was wondering if any of you guys know a way to get a US shipping address? Shipping increase and a lack of desirable UK releases (though I suppose this isn't a new thing) has essentially priced me out of the market, either because I can't justify upward of $13 shipping for a pin or because the increase has made most people flat out stop offering internation sales/trades at all. I've not really been trading for a long while, but now even buying for my collection is getting hard and more expensive than ever!

    But I digress XD Does anyone know of a safe way to get myself a US address?
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    There are lots of deputy services that charge a fee only when collecting packages and shipping to you.
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    Maybe having a shipping buddy is an option.
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    You would need to get a "mailbox" out here, almost like a P.O. Box, except it comes with a street address... they are pretty pricey to sign up for and you pay monthly and the facility usually forwards everything to you how ever many times you would want. I know UPS stores also provide a mailbox service at some of their locations.
    Though.... I'd go with what @Disneychildwithin said, if you have any great, and trust worthy US pin budy, they may be willing to be your US, address.. it will also be much cheaper than having to buy one, the person would also be able to check your pins where a facility cannot open your mail. Then they would just send it all over once it's reached a particular weight.

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    I know people do have buddy partners for this. I use to do it for a family member in the UK so they could get stuff from the States. It works well.
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    The easiest/cheapest thing to do would be have someone pick up multiple things for you and mail them out in batches. So ship out everything every other month (or shorter/longer) with everything you want pin/merch wise. So while you will still be paying $13 for shipping, you only have to do it once and not multiple times. I've done this for people, mostly in Canada, when they wanted to get stuff from the Disney Store but didn't want to pay the ridiculous prices for shipping international.

    I don't mind holding stuff and shipping it out whenever you need me to. I don't live near the parks so unless you shop using the parks app, I am not the best person to send you pins and merch from the parks. Can easily get stuff from the Disney Store though.

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