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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by starry_solo, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. starry_solo

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    Incredibles 2 Limited Edition Pin Set


    $89.95 a set, and you can buy 5!

    Item No. 6505057584114P
    The Incredibles enjoy a family reunion with this limited edition pin set. Each of the five pin-on-pin designs features a different member of the Parr family in their guise as supers, all presented in a collectible window display box.
    Magic in the details

    Please note: Purchase of this item is limited to 5 per Guest.

    • Limited Edition of 750
    • Set includes five pins: Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack
    • Pin-on-pin design
    • Mickey icon pinbacks
    • Window display box with magnetic closure
    • Inspired by PIXAR's Incredibles 2
    The bare necessities

    • Pins: metal / enamel
    • Box: Cardstock
    • Pins: up to 2 1/4'' W
    • Imported
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  2. starry_solo

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    Did you buy it? I passed on the set.

    BUT, they have now been added to Pin Trading Database. I will have to fix the pictures, but I think I may be able to add them to PinPics too.
  3. *Firefly*

    *Firefly* Well-Known Member

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    I bought one! Love The Incredibles, plus you get free shipping on it.
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  4. cadien

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    What’s the Pin Trading Databases?
  5. starry_solo

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    It's a database of pins, like PinPics. @ryanfury created it a few years ago, originally it started out as a place to chat when DPF's chat room went bonkers. Then it expanded - somehow - into a database of pins. We only have 15858 pins listed so far, but are hoping to get others :)
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  6. Damiens pins

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    It looks like this pin set will be released in Europe as it says edition limitee on the box about time we start having more pin released in uk as we haven't had any le pins since December
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  7. AlaskanMalamute

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    I ordered a set specifically to trade. Not a huge fan of The Incredibles. Hopefully people like them.

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  8. echan50

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    Even though I think the price is pretty high (which has been the recent for box sets) I did order the set. I am a fan of the Incredibles but I love this type of art work even more.

    I waited for the Coco set for a price drop and it never did and worse it sold out because I was waiting for some kind of sale or coupon code that could be applied. I didn't want to miss out on this set
  9. Badockins

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    The set looks nice but i wish they would do a basic set of the family with their normal style.
  10. *Firefly*

    *Firefly* Well-Known Member

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    Got mine today!


    The interesting thing about this set is there is no waffle pattern on the back of the pins, just old school pebble/tumbled finish, logos, and an FAC number. Do any other current pins look like this? I know it's real since I bought it from Disney, just weird.


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