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Discussion in 'Completed Pin Trades' started by jprincess, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. jprincess

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    Please help me find two of my grails!
    I would prefer to trade. However selling any of my traders to get the cash to buy my grails works too. Please comment and PM.

    WDI Christmas Ariel (pink dress with Christmas tree)
    WDI Aurora Christmas Caroling LE

    Aurora and Phillip Sleigh
    Pumba from DSF release last week
    Flounder Sorcerer Hat
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  2. chubs191

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    I traded for the Ariel Christmas pin two years ago at the pin event. Someone is bound to have it again.
  3. jprincess

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    I seriously hope so. I haven't had much luck. Either people say they will trade-then never reply or I just can't find someone who has it.

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