Sold/Ended: ISO Pixar Pier Mystery Packs (Cars, Brave, A Bug's Life, etc.)

Discussion in 'Completed Pin Sales' started by AshleyV, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. AshleyV

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    Hey, y'all. I'm looking to trade for the following WDI Pixar Pier mystery pack pins:

    - Merida (LE 200)
    - Triplet bears from Brave (LE 200)
    - Flik (LE 200)
    - Heimlich (LE 200)
    - Lightning McQueen (LE 250)
    - Mater (LE 250)
    - Elastigirl (LE 250)
    - Mr. Incredible (LE 250)

    My PinPics ID is AshleyV; please let me know if we have any matches! Willing to trade multiples for some of the pins if necessary. I also have a few more traders that aren't currently listed on PinPics:

    - DSSH Han Solo LE 400 (from the newest Solo release)
    - ShopDisney Mulan 20th Anniversary 2-pin set
    - DSSH Big Hero 6 Nesting Doll 4-pin set (not in hand yet, but will update this post when they arrive & I've verified they're in good condition)

    Any and all help is very much appreciated, thanks! (Psst... if you have the Hector & Miguel pins from this set for trade and/or are looking for Buzz & Woody, check out @sirradel's post.)
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  2. sirradel

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    Thank you for the shout out! I’ll keep my eye open for you

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