My PODM Collection - Mulan, Beauty & the Beast, Monster's Inc., Tangled, Dumbo

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by starry_solo, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. chubs191

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    What an extensive collection. I remember holding one of the boat scene Tangled PODMs in my hand on Main Street and thinking: "That's not a good use of my allowance." Biggest mistake of my life.
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  2. starry_solo

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    Aww....I was at WDW for the Tangled PODM release. Instead of cancelling our Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast ADR (or moving it to a later time), we just got up early for EMH, went to the Frontierland pin place, then back to the hotel to pick sis up (she was sick)...should have just cancelled the ADR and run around all the parks to get the pins.
  3. DisneyJ

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    An absolutely amazing collection! Also, congratulations are in order since you have exceeded 500+ positive feedback comments.
  4. starry_solo

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    Thank you! I'm still waiting for a few more to roll in from the sales I did of the Las Vegas pins :D
  5. jadeites-lady

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    Bumping up for sis, I know we are still looking for a few PODMs and she got some in a couple of week ago too!
  6. KT07

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    Great stuff. Y'all are out of control with those pins. I think we only have two left after all this time. We did end up sending a 101 pin over the pond. I think Charlie got it. Had the pups watching the big dog on tv. Looking back as always, we should have got a few more different ones just for fun. But oh well. We still have the Pinocchio that I believe was used for the Disney website and advertising. We got that one on Sunday after they sold out on Thursday. It was at a shop in downtown and the cm found it in the back supposedly. Good times back than. Thursday pin fights. Lol
  7. BATB_Abbi

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    Those are some awesome BatB scenes!!

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