NorCal Pin Meet in August 2018

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    The next pin meet for the NorCal Pin Traders Group is Saturday, August 25, 2018 at Bronco Billys Pizza Palace in Fremont, CA.

    NorCal Pin Traders Pin Meet information:

    Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018
    Time: From 11 am until 4 pm (Please note there is NO early admission)

    Bronco Billys Pizza Palace
    41200 Blacow Road
    Fremont, CA 94538

    Parking: Lots of free parking!
    Tables: Cannot be reserved!! There is NO CHARGE to have a table; they are on a first come basis.

    Food/Drink: Remember to purchase your food and drinks from Bronco Billys! They provide us the space and tables at no charge!! (No outside food or drinks are allowed)

    Please post here or on the NorCal Pin Traders Group Facebook page if you are planning to attend and how many in your party. Thank you!
    John Reitter and Barbara Rowe
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    Going + 1
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    Hello sorry I cant make this months gathering do you know the date of the next one at this location is it in October and the date would be great have to buy airline tickets thanks William
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    Thanks for the info John William
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