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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by Addicted to Alice Pins, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Y'all are familiar with those social media accounts like "Overheard in NYC" etc, right? Well, we all spend enough time at the parks (or resorts, stores, etc) that I thought we could share some of our own best/favorite "Overheard at Disney" quotes. (I know there are Disney-related accounts for this, but not everyone is on social media and some of us may have better quotes than the ones that get posted, ha.)

    I'll start ...

    Overheard in Magic Kingdom, several years ago:

    "This is the happiest place on Earth so ACT LIKE IT!" ~ a frazzled mom talking to her crying 7-year-old son on Main Street

    (This is the one BFF, his mom, and I quote at least once per trip, ha ha ha ha ha.)
  2. watzshakinbacon

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    This is a great idea! I’ll have to start taking notes to report back

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    My favorite was in a bathroom, a small child upon discovering the toilets flush themselves:
    "Mommy! At Disneyland even the toilets are magical!"
  4. curiousdinah

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    "John, have her add a banana to that."
    "Your daughter just stole a banana."

    After watching small child run up to kiosk at Animal Kingdom while dad's back was turned, paying for the order, grab a banana out of a basket, and run off.
  5. AshleyV

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    10pm in Frontierland, behind a frustrated mom who just wanted everyone to go on the same ride:

    "You can ride Big Thunder Mountain OR YOU CAN SIT ON A BENCH!"
  6. KT07

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    I have two that first come to mind. A cm from city hall says that people love to tap fingers on the desk as they say "I'm a annual passholder". To which they would say, "and you got in the parks today."

    My other and the favorite quote comes from the same cm. he says " you never see a line of kids at city hall to complain about a ride down or missing a show."

    Very telling....
  7. curiousdinah

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    I am not sure if this counts as "over heard" since it was actually said to me...but someone could have over heard it.
    My sister, to me, as we are walking out of Stitch's Great Escape:
    "I don't know why you love Stitch so much and collect pins. He's kind of an a-hole."

    I was appropriately mortified, but still had to try hard not to laugh at it.
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    That's what you get for letting your kid watch Aladdin.

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