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    I wonder if it would be okay to post your WiR2 analysis now? As far as I can tell you were the only one to do an analysis for that movie, I would love to read it :) I haven't seen the movie yet but I already read all the spoilers I could find (I can't and don't really want to stay away from spoilers but I understand people who don't want to get their experience spoiled in advance)
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    I’d be ok with that if Merlin is.
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    Yup, totally fine with me. :)

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    Thank you both :)
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    Putting it in spoilers in case someone hasn't watched it yet and wants to before reading this.

    I watched this before opening night and haven't had a chance to rewatch it since, so this is going on memory from over a month ago, so I may forget things or mix up small details, but here we go!

    1. I went into this REALLY excited, and was mostly not disappointed. It did drag a bit in spots (like when Ralph and Vanellope enter the modem to get into the Internet), but those moments didn't bother me since so much of the movie was so fast-paced they acted as a breather of sorts. I thought changing the setting from the arcade games to the internet was a logical progression of technology to follow.

    NOT ENOUGH FELIX AND CALHOUN!!! I was disappointed in how little Felix was in it; though I do recognize that the movie was largely about how Ralph and Vanellope's relationship was changing, it almost seemed as if these were supposed to be cut scenes that focused on the other characters that were cut out of the movie. I did love the scene with Felix and Ralph in Tappers (ebay joke aside that ran too long), since it showed that their relationship as good guy/bad guy from the first film has evolved into them being friends who go for drinks together.

    I LOVE how much they paid attention to small details. One of my very favorite things they did is that in the first film, this is the sign outside of Litwak's:


    WiR2 takes place six years in the future, and they show the outside of Litwak's for a moment; this same sign reads "Happy 11th Birthday Svzy."

    WiR2 broke with Disney's string of "twist" villains - even Moana had a reverse twist of the villain being the good guy. As a result, most of the movie I spent expecting Knowsmore or Yesss being the villain, when it turns out that it was more like recent Pixar movies - there was no clear villain after all. Instead, the main conflict comes from Ralph's insecurity.

    One interesting thing that I noticed is that in the first movie, a big overarching thing is "going Turbo," when a character leaves their game and causes it to be unplugged. This is basically the biggest sin you can commit in the universe of Wreck-it Ralph. However, Vanellope basically does the same thing in this film (though she starts off leaving to find the steering wheel, once she spends time in the Internet and especially after she finds Slaughter Race she doesn't want to go back) and is celebrated for it. This might be due to how their motivations are framed - Turbo does it to hold onto his glory, while Vanellope does it to find her true self - but the end result is pretty much the same.

    4. I don't remember the song well enough to analyze it, but I friggin' loved Vanellope's Slaughter Race song!


    (OG movie still cuz I looked for ten minutes and could not find a broken heart medal photo anywhere online!)

    Vanellope's heart medal makes a comeback. It's the thing Ralph clings to as a tangible items to represent his friendship with Vanellope. Even when he is physically separated from her, he has this to remind himself that long ago, she was the only one who believed he could be a hero, and became his first true friend. When he upsets Vanellope and she throws it over the side of the building to break in two, he felt like his relationship with her was also broken beyond repair. However, by the end of the film, Ralph comes to realize that even if two friends are apart, they are still connected by friendship, and each of them has half of the heart to remember the other by.

    7. The goal of the film is to teach us that even though relationships may change, that doesn't mean they are over. Now that he is not seen as just a bad guy by everyone, Ralph loves routine and doesn't see the point of change. If everything happens exactly the same all the time, he believes that his friendships will stay forever. He learns through the film that change is natural and for some, it is needed. However, change wasn't destruction - he and Vanellope are still friends, even if every non-arcade game hour is not spent together. In fact, now their bond is even stronger than before since Vanellope does not have the resentment of Ralph trying to fit her into his own box; he is letting her be herself.

    9. My iconic shot has to be when Ralph and Vanellope first enter the Internet. It really gives a glimpse into the vast scope of this movie, and it puts a visual to the overwhelmingness that Ralph must be feeling right now.


    10. This pin depicts my symbol from earlier - Ralph's broken heart medal. It is distinctly WiR2 rather than WiR, and carries the message of the film.

    Pin# 131322 - DS - Ralph Breaks the Internet Broken Heart
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    Very smart. I didn't think of this possibility. :) Thank you for sharing!
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    Going to give my last three analysis's for Zootopia, Moana, and Ralph Breaks the Internet as originally promised; I know I won't get credit but might as well as I saw each of them.
    Going to start with Ralph Breaks the Internet as I don't have a way of re-watching it at the moment.

    1. Overall Impressions
    So it's fitting that we just had the Golden Globes, and while Disney was nominated twice(RBtI, Inc2), they lost only to their "competition" with Marvel/Sony's Into the Spider-verse(Very well deserved too). This also means that we are finally at the end of the Lasseter Era at Disney(Only TS4 is left on the Pixar side) and I wonder if this will give any unintended bias in the upcoming awards season. Does that mean that Ralph Breaks the Internet was bad, no as I throughly enjoyed it though bits and pieces felt like it dragged on and it seemed the majority of interesting plot devices(the princesses) were already introduced via D23/Trailers. The storyline itself is interesting but not original per-say; Whilst online, this movie seems to give homage to another animation series from the 90's "Reboot", with each online avatar/program having a designated role in running the core areas of the internet. As the movie itself is less about the arcade and more about the internet, Disney seems more at odds who to use for cameos; for one, it seems that Nintendo didn't give a licence to use their characters in this movie(not to mention Universal Studios Japan park is opening a themed Nintendo-land in the near future); Google is given clear reference but Buzztube is clearly a knockoff of Youtube(ironically owned by Google?) This is one of those films that as a sequel, it doesn't suffer the normal effects of Sequel-itis though newbies to the series will find themselves lost to the nuances that were grounded in the first one. I still give it a 4/5 stars.
    2. Character Analysis
    I feel bad for Ralph as he wants things to stay the same, while his friend wants to move beyond her code(kinda counter intuitive to the first movie) and find a new exciting game to play. Ralph's instincts include looking after his friends or wrecking things so of course they are magnified when the virus copies his code online. I do have to laugh that even though Nintendo decided to not renew any licenses, WiR is still based on Donkey Kong(kinda based on King Kong) which they play on when the Nega-Ralph Kaiju steals Vanellope and climbs up Google Tower...

    3. Scene Analysis/4. Music Analysis

    The Slaughter House Scene is pretty much parodying bits and pieces of the movie La La Land musical numbers, especially the intro of Another day of Sun. Even the musical ritard as she wonders what Ralph is going to think is quite similar to the Score of the Planetarium sequence. Ironically the ending of the film mimics the finale of La La Land as both heroes let the heroine pursue her dreams, even if they are not apart of it.

    8. Progressions

    • Vanellope gets her Singing Debut, thus truely marking her as Disney Princess(Merida technically doesn't count). the past two Disney feature films both knock on this as Chief Bogo(This isn't an animated cartoon where you start singing and go about your merry way) and Maui(if you start singing I'm going to throw up) both decry to Judy/Moana about that trend in Disney films... [​IMG]
    • The Ending Scene of Baby Mo(Baby Moana?) knocks on the very ideal that things in trailers don't necessarily make it into the final films. This is especially true with the MCU as promotional images sometimes are changed/ommitted from what they were in the final film... This particular scene apparently was kept in after the team had removed it from the film proper due to the response it initiated from D23/movies trailers; the kitty/rabbit do end up with movie cameos on the mystery toy boxes... [​IMG]
    • Each Princess(except for Snow) was either voiced by her original/current voice actress(Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora have since past away). This isn't too much an issue except for one exception being Belle(the only currently alive VA who has been recast in later renditions), who has the most noticeable difference with her voice then and now. Snow was actually voiced by screenwriter Pamela Ribon(rather then the current VA, Katherine Von Till) who had initially voiced Snow for storyboard purposes but was praised for the likeness so much they kept it in film. [​IMG]
    9. Iconic Scene/ 5. Symbolism/8. Progression
    The finale scene of Wreck it Ralph is of Ralph being lifted up by the nicelanders and seeing Vanellope's Game Sugar Rush as she wins in the background during daylight, his favorite moments of his day. This is contrasted by the end of RBtI as Sugar Rush, which is now shrouded by the darkness of night, symbolizing that the initial purpose for being lifted up is no longer there. As Ralph sits in Grand Central Station, the Sunrise comes up (which it never does online) as he looks forward to when Vanellope returns during her new games eminent update. Kinda also fits with the name of the first track of La La Land if that is what it was going with...

    10. Representative Pin
    Pin 131328 DSSH - Pinsgiving 2018 - Ralph Breaks The Internet - Marquee

    Not too many RBtI pins about it outside the Princess Mysteries so I went with the Marquee from El Capitan.

    Stray Thoughts
    • My favorite couple of Felix/Calhoun were delegated to background characters, honestly a bit of parenting scenes would have made that arc seem more fulfilling then how it turned out(Will there be any deleted scenes in the Blu-ray Release?)
    • Kinda 4th Wall Breaking, the internet taking an idea and blatantly copying it. I guess they only giving nods to La La Land during the Slaughter Race sequence...
    • It's weird when you see how behind in technology Zootopia is from today(iPod Nano no longer produced), It's much weirder that Mr. Litwak is far behind in technology compared to his target customers (hello 20 year old iMac)...
    • The Rise and Shine Inn, with its rainbow motif sign, as it is located next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle online is actually a reference to the Days Inn Motel found right across the street from the real life DLR.
    • If Sugar Rush only makes less then $200 a year, it means that it only averages 2-3 plays(a quarter a play) a day if the arcade is open 6 days a week.
    • If they ever pull another Sequel to WiR, it would probably mean that they will show each retro cab's worth as a collectible as it's been shown now that Sugar Rush is heavily inflated to beyond Litwak's capabilities ($35,000 on Sugar Rush?). You'll have copy-cats trying to sell above what they're worth on Ebay(like any other collectible) which would bring later an unsustainable preservation/collectible market beyond the finances of anyone outside a lottery winner/millionaire. In essence this emulates the current "crisis" in the videogame/arcade scene as before arcades were shutting doors, alot of cab's were auctioned for way less or taken to the landfill to dispose of. The current going rate on a working cab is now thousands of dollars as re-sellers try to also jack up the price well beyond what it should be at. When you take into account that it is only a matter of time until the CRT monitor stops(they are not being produced anymore) or the batteries in the motherboards need replacing before it deteriotes and ruins the board, then the death of arcades isveminent unless the niche repair market is able to finance new replacements.
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    Congrats to everyone on their medals! It was a ton of fun hiding in the shadows and seeing what everyone had to say. I give everyone who posted a lot of respect for taking the time to do so with such thoughtful insights.
    Super props to @timeerkat .
    And thanks @MerlinEmrys for hosting!

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