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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by mybabykelly, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone might have an answer to this. So my little sister's graduation is coming up, and instead of giving her money I thought I'd load up a Disney Gift card and give that instead. Now my question is:

    Could she use the Disney gift card at Disneyland to 1) purchase a ticket into the park 2) purchase food in the park 3) purchase parking.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated:)
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    I don't know about parking, but I've used Disney gift card to pay for food and tickets at Disney World.
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    Yes, you can use gift cards for (almost) anything at the parks. So you can pay for parking (at non-hotel or Downtown Disney lots), buy a ticket at the ticket booth, food at restaurants, merchandise at the shops, etc.

    According to the Disney gift card website:

    "At the Disneyland® Resort, the Disney Gift Card can be redeemed at select merchandise, food, ticketing, parking and Guest Service locations, as well as for Disneyland® Resort Hotel room nights. Not accepted or valid for use for room service or lockers. Not valid or accepted at fruit carts, outdoor vending locations, third party lessees, Names Unraveled, Jewel of Orleans, Silhouette Studio, Portrait Artists, Parasol Cart, Heraldry Shop, Crystal Shops, Midway games, Face Painting, Disneyland® Kennel Club, or Downtown Disney® District Operating Participant locations. Not accepted at parking lots at Disneyland® Resort Hotel or Downtown Disney®."
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    What @timeerkat said.

    But to answer your questions.
    1) Yes.
    2) Yes.
    3) Yes.

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