Wanted: Warner Bros mystery mini figures please!

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    Hi everyone,
    I need some figures to complete my collection of Warner Bros funko mystery mini figures,This set comprises of Warner Bros and Hanna Barbera characters.Please help me out if you can!
    These are the ones i still need please
    SPEEDY GONZALES Target exclusive
    WILE COYOTE Walgreens exclusive
    ROAD RUNNER Walgreens exclusive
    SYLVESTER Target exclusive
    TWEETY Target exclusive
    PEPE LE PEW Walgreens exclusive

    Please Please help with any that you can. I have some duplicates of Disney Afternoon figures and Warner Bros mystery minis if you want to trade,I'm happy to give multiples for them!

    My Warner Bros figures to trade
    Bugs Bunny
    Daffy Duck
    Yogi Bear
    Fred Flintstone
    Huckleberry Hound
    Marvin the Martian
    Jerry Mouse

    Disney afternoon to trade
    Junior Woodchuck Huey Gamestop exclusive
    Junior Woodchuck Dewey Gamestop exclusive
    Negatron Hot Topic exclusive

    Please pm me or post here if you can help.
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    What a great idea! Thanks. I've tried to find them but none of my local stores carry the Warner Bros boxes for some reason
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  4. teddy_ruxpin

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    Pretty Omi,Thanks for the great advice!

    Poohlady5,Thanks for looking for me!

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