Was there a November 2017 DPOH Pin release? (DLR or WDW)

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by disneyboysmousehouse, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. disneyboysmousehouse

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    Does anyone know if there was a November 2017 Disney Piece of History Pin release for either DLR or WDW?

    Thanks. Disneyboysmousehouse
  2. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    I don’t think there have been at PODH for DLR in a while. However if I recall correctly, there was the kilamanjaro safari for WDW in November (or was that October?).

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  3. speedwaystar1

    speedwaystar1 UK Disney Fan

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    Not at DLR , at least none I've seen .
    And @watzshakinbacon is right , Kilimanjaro Safari for WDW
  4. disneyboysmousehouse

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    Thanks for the feedback. WDW released the Kilimanjaro Safari PODH in October. I have not come across any PODH pins on any November pre-release or final release press releases. Was hoping one of our illustrious DPF alums had heard of or seen a Nov release. Maybe Disney will surprise us with a couple PODH releases in Dec.
  5. Damiens pins

    Damiens pins Well-Known Member

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    I was at Wdw in October and the pin that I had seen and brought was the Kilimanjaro podh pin but this was from the September release after that they didn't release any so I guess there behind in releasing or that's it for the collection this year

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