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    I saw Coco on the 2nd I liked it more then I thought I would. I see most Disney animated movies after they are released on Blu ray, but I saw Coco in the theater because I wanted to see Olaf's Frozen Adventure (BIG Frozen fan).

    Found out Disney pulled Olaf's Frozen Adventure from the theater because parents were complaining between the previews (ours were about 20min worth), Olaf's Frozen Adventure (20mins) & Coco (1h40m) that it was too long for kids to sit still. My feeling is if they shortened the number of previews (I think we had 7) they could have left in the Olaf short. The last day they showed the short was Dec 6th.

    Apparently Disney originally made Olaf's Frozen Adventure to be a TV special then decided to attach it to Coco instead. I'm glad they are showing it on TV especially for those that didn't get to see Coco before the 6th. I will be watching it again :)
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    Just watched it and loved it!! Who was cutting onions during the movie? I came prepared with paper towels haha

    Visually stimulating, music was great, and, oh, the twists! What a great movie!

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    Lol. I obviously loved it and def had to hold back tears. It was also one of the rare animated films where I actually felt that CG was more fitting than 2D. I have a deep love for traditional hand-drawn animation and will pretty much always consider it superior to computer imagery. However, in this case I think CG was the appropriate choice for the aesthetics. It added so much depth and dimension to the scenery. The fluorescent light effects they achieved were stunning. Loved the motif of the orange petals, too, and the color palette in general. As far as the story goes, I did have a couple of nitpicky complaints, but I can't get into those here without spoilers. They mostly pertain to the film's twist/the way it's resolved. I do think it fell victim to some familiar tropes near the end. But the rest of the film was so creative that it's ultimately forgivable. Definitely one of Pixar's best.

    Btw, the Frozen short was actually always advertised as a "limited time only" thing, intended to drum up hype for Coco and draw more audiences to the theater during the first couple of weeks. Also, a theatrical release makes it eligible for a Best Animated Short nomination at the Oscars, a category that Disney has historically dominated and still likes to compete for almost every year, especially in front of their Pixar releases. (Since Frozen was originally announced as a TV special, it could be that they didn't have another short prepared in time for Coco and had to improvise. Or perhaps they simply felt that Frozen was a strong candidate for the award.) That said, it's a pretty dang long "short," and that extra 21+ minutes of run time definitely prohibits the number of Coco screenings that theaters can squeeze into a day. Removing it after it's been out just long enough to serve its purpose now allows for additional screenings and more ticket sales. Long story short, it's all super strategic, which is pretty much Mickey's M.O.
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    I really liked the movie as well :D I was very happy to learn more about the mexican culture ^^ and the colors were breathtaking ! ^^
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    I can't wait to watch it. It doesn't come out in uk til the 15th January
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    Just take tissues. Lots and lots of tissues. I hope you all love it!!!! Make sure to report back once you've seen it!
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    Your right I did need the tissues omg I loved this film so much can't wait to watch it again! My favourite characters are Dante and Miguel and nana coco I've already orderd a t shirt and I'm so tempted to collect the pins but I have anothe collections already

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