You thought I was excited when I went to HKDL...

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by hopemax, Jul 24, 2018.

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    We're going to


    The first time I researched booking a trip to Japan, they didn't take US credit cards and you had to pay cash for everything. That was 20 years ago. But today, it is finally BOOKED. And so far it's a dream. I thought we'd have to compromise on the flight, but thanks to credit card miles we are able to take the Nonstop flight on the Dreamliner that flies out of Denver (premium economy). Normally, that would run us $7500 for basic economy for 3 people (my Dad is coming too). Which means we could take the money saved and stay at the


    We arrive on a Saturday, which is already booked up at the Deluxe hotels so we are staying that first night at the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel. We'll be tired from the flight, so we just need a bed, and it would probably be the only opportunity to take a peak at this hotel, so it's not a problem.

    The trip is the first week of December, so the park will be in the middle of their Christmas Fantasy, so I am imagining the pixie dust is going to be sky high. But now I have to research the heck out of everything!
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    Wow, Hong Kong and Tokyo in one year!! Congratulations! Looking forward to living vicariously through you.

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    Sounds super exciting!! woohoo!!!
  4. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Congrats! Definitely living the dream. :)
  5. arielsdinglehopper

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    Oh my gosh, how amazing! You're going to have the best time, I can't wait to hear all about your trip!
  6. Addicted to Alice Pins

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    WOOHOOOOOO!!!! So glad it worked out. I'm already anticipating the trip report! :D
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    Sounds super fun, congrats!
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    I am so super jealous!! I've been dying to go back ever since we left. We've been playing the 35th Anniversary parade music and theme song on repeat since we got back. But we will have to wait until 2020. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, especially booking table service meals/dinner shows which is not easy. Are you staying on the Tuscany side or Venice side of Miracosta? We stayed on the Venice side and had a park view (Meditteranean Harbor), while the Tuscany side has views of the front entrance of Miracosta or the Aquasphere plaza.

    Have you considered using a stopover to Shanghai for the same amount of points? When we went, we used a stopover and open jaw to do all three Asia parks for the same cost of points as round trip to Tokyo.
  9. Booger1964

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    Sounds wonderful! I hope you have a great time!
  10. hopemax

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    We are staying on the Tuscany side. We had to collect all the airmiles before we could book everything, and so we weren't able to book the hotel right at the 5 month mark, and since it's the holiday season we were limited in what room categories were still available. I knew we had to do two reservations anyway to get six nights, and so I wanted to split between the Tuscany and Venice side, but the Venice rooms weren't available the first or last day and I didn't want us to have to move too many times to make it easier on my Dad. So I just booked the Captain Mickey Triple Room for all six days. I'm still hoping that something might open up for that very first night when we are at Celebration just to see something different, or even that single night reservation at MC, but we'll see.

    I did, for a brief second consider trying to add more parks, but with our points I was already balancing trying to get our premium economy upgrade so I had to book some stuff one way (I have an upgrade subscription for 2 but I didn't have enough points to book 2 RT tickets from my account) and so I think that meant we couldn't do the stopover. Plus, I wasn't sure I wanted to put my Dad through the added complexity of adding China. He's already very nervous about this trip because other than a trans-Atlantic cruise that ended in Barcelona he's never been out of North America. And finally, since my DH just started his new job when we got back from HK, he was a little hesitant to take more than 1 week off, just because he wants to keep everything running smoothly. However, because we loved HKDL so much, we are already planning on returning once the expansion is done and on that trip I am already planning on doing the "triple." Assuming my Dad is still in good health I'll drag him around Asia too. :)

    Do you have recommendations for restaurants worth making reservations for? I already plan on Magellan's but I wasn't sure what else. Mostly, I want to "snack" my way through the parks because I always see so many pictures of great snacks, and as an Alice fan I need to eat at the Queen of Hearts Royal Banquet hall. What did you do for breakfast? The parks open at 8 or 9 when we are there, but knowing we have to be in line as close to 7 as we can manage, I'm not sure how many sit down breakfasts we might want to book on park days vs grabbing something in the park. We will have a couple of days when we may not be in the park, so we could do a breakfast and then take the train into Tokyo so if there is something worth doing I want to know.
  11. momin.ator

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    This is so exciting. Wish I could go along. :)
  12. Jabberwocky

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    So jelly! That's a dream trip! :)
  13. dancecats

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    This is so amazing, I'm so incredibly jealous. One day, one day ... but until that happens, I'm going to live vicariously through you and your amazing reports.
  14. FoolishMortal71

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    So exciting! I'm sure you already know about this but read up on TDR Explorer's websites for all things TDR. We downloaded his e-book too but the website guides are great resources to help you plan.

    Ultimate Tokyo Disneyland Trip Planning Guide 2018

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