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  • Hi! :)

    Still trying to get a hold of you so we can work out the trade, all your pins are ready to go so please get back to me asap! :)
    Hi Becca, please PM me about the Jasmine trade with your address and your trade's address for the Simba Lion King PODM so I can get those sent off, please! :) Thank you! ^_^ <3
    Still trying to get ahold of you about the BT pins I bought from you during the co - op. Your inbox is full.
    Hi Becca, still no word from you about Designer Jas! Hope you're okay and not working overtime LOL, PM me as soon as you can hun! :) <3
    Hi again! :)

    Still haven't heard from you about the PODM, hope you're doing okay...! I am looking to try and trade whichever one I have after you pick your scene, so please let me know as soon as you can! :)

    p.s. I decided the Scar scene is in my keepers for the time being, so you can choose between the cute Zazu and Simba scene, or the Simba and Mufasa scene you already have from me <3 Thank you!!!! ^_^
    Mornin, sent you a PM about a trade :)
    Holding the pins for the day, try to get back to me either way....cheers
    BECCA!!! I just got my pins! thank you so much!! I really love them! The 110 legacy would have been a grail if I had known how awesome it looks in person! 2 grails! thank you!!! :D
    Hey! (your inbox is full) Sorry I haven't been on to tell you that I just started my new job. I believe I get paid THIS friday. I shall send you the money when I do : )
    Great, I'm glad to hear it! ;) I'm so happy you had an amazing time- you went to HP World too, right? :D I bet that was amazing... yes I am so excited! :) Just not ready for an 11 hour flight from LONDON LOL... it's gonna be waaay busy! :lol:
    Hi there! :) I'm fine thank you, how are you? :) Only a couple of days until I get to DLR!! :) I hope you had an amazing time at WDW! :) <3

    (p.s. Yes it's been forever! :( )
    Hi! Hope you had a great time in WDW and had a great birthday! :)
    I PM'd you about our trade for the Designer princess Belle pin, can you please have a look :)
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