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  • Usually at 9am, although they have been known to do it a few minutes earlier, so I'm usually there loitering around quarter to!
    Hi, I still haven't heard anything from you... I need to know what's going on here... please respond.
    Hi, did you get the PM I sent a few days ago? I think there's something wrong with my inbox, for whatever reason I don't get half the PM's you send me. If you did reply, I didn't get it, so could you re-send please? Thanks!
    Hi Bas
    I recieved my pin yesterday..I left you FB here on DPF!and noticed you had NOT for me!!
    YES I accept your apology..everythings cool!If you ever wanna trade again..plmk and again
    can you leave me FB,those me alot to me!

    Thanks Judy need to clear your PM box...and can you activate your EMAIL so we can send messages through there please?
    Still haven't heard back about the Angel pin... I'm just going to assume I won't be getting it. Thank you very much anyway.
    Hi I sent you a couple of messages about payment for the angel doll pin a few days ago, did you get them? I know you wanted the payments by today but I wanted to make sure I sent the right amount and I haven't heard back so please let me know asap!
    Bas , I am sorry . My computer took a crap, I'm trying to fix it right now . I'm talking to you from my IPhone . I do want to talk this out . I was still planning on getting you pins and then you said you got someone else .
    Hello your inbox is full. Just wanted to let you know I actually probably shouldn't plan to get either of the doll pins as I née to be careful about planning anymore purchases :doh: thank you so much for your offer tho!!
    your inbox is full . Good News, my friends came through for you . He picked up your DSF Rapunzel & Stitch ticket release pins . The other Finding Nemo cell is Dory and Marlin . Hope you did as well with the BATB release .
    Hey your inbox is full... just wondering if you got the last message I sent? (I think I sent it Tuesday)
    I thought you weren't interested in trading it after I didn't hear back for a few days. So sorry :( It got traded at PTN. If you are still interested, I can try to find you another one tonight. I will send out some TA's. Let me know and sorry about the miscommunication.
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