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  • Hey you! It's been a long time, but am hoping to start our beloved hobby in the next 30 to 45 days. Wanna join me? Love ya'!
    Happy Birthday to an absolutely incredible friend!!! :koda: I hope you have a day filled with magic and joy, the best birthday thus far!!! :hug: I also hope you are feeling much better my friend! :x: I will text you later today! ;)
    Hi Sabrina! I just got it today! It's great and much prettier in person! Thank you!! I will post it on the pin zap board later today!
    Hi ,have you received the replacement Rak package I sent you please , sorry the first one never got there, I just wanted to check this one got to you okay, thank you .
    I love the Figaro pin in your avatar!
    I just saw your message and I hope we can trade again too.
    The Ariel and other princess lanyard is in my office and I wear it whenever I can.
    It is a treasure!
    HI honey!! I gotthe mother load of pins yesterday....girl you are crazy. A few i am selfishly keeping and the rest will go to good use at WDW aND TO HAND OUT TO KIDS WHO HAVE LANYARDS. I leave in about 36 hours! not ready yet tho..i'll take pics and try to get your wants!
    Barbara happy stinkin birthday girl! Wish i could have met you and taosted you in person...someday! btw your pic is beautiful--lookin good.
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Hi there, bjean! ^_^

    Just wanted to let you know I received the zap package from you- thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, I adore the pins you sent me! ^_^ Thanks so much!!! ^_^

    -Chalon :) x
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