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    Our WDW Trip

    I love the “Latin” names for the characters on the constellations!
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    For Sale: Figpin - Coop: Disney Princesses Deluxe Box Set 2021 Edition

    I’m pretty sure it’s not available on the Wayback Machine. The co-op overall page is available with a link showing to what I believe is your post, but clicking that comes up with a “page was not archived” message...
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    Auction for authentic park props and stuff, including pins!

    There’s some really cool stuff in there for sure! The actual park stuff is the highlight but the memorabilia is cool too. There are a few general items that I’ve definitely had, some I might still own. Such a nostalgia trip. I question some of their expected prices though. Either the people...
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    Once again from Disney Pins Blog, actually posted a couple days ago, but I missed it and haven’t seen anyone else mention them yet. Some new Pirates of the Caribbean pins at Shanghai Disney. I want that mystery set so badly! Wonder if it will come to the States...
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    From Disney Pin Blog. New Magical Mystery set: umbrellas. Figment Minnie Woody Maleficent Rapunzel Lilo I want Figment!!
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    Overheard at Disney

    For posterity, as near as I can tell, the Wayback Machine has page 1 of the original thread but that’s it.
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    Open Game: Return of Star Wars Women Day Give Away

    Oh, oops! Your sister mentioned that in her re-post!
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    Open Game: Return of Star Wars Women Day Give Away

    Unless I missed a post, right now we have 12 people re-entered for this. I know there were at least 13 before the site was hacked and the original version disappeared. I think there were 16. I'd really like to give everyone who originally entered the chance to re-enter. Hopefully someone else...
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    I got a different May the 4th / Star Wars Fay pin and was also super confused. Not sure if there were two and the other sold out before I got through the ShopDisney waiting room or what.
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    Mine was super crooked as well, worst of all the castles so far. Tiny bit of pressure at a time whenever I walked by it for a few hours has it back in alignment. Perhaps yours is also very carefully adjustable to be fixable?
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    DPF "State of The Forum" - April 2021

    I posted those here a while back: DPF 3.0 Issues Thread
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    Disney Collectible Keys - Heroic Collectible Key (5/22)

    Same day the next set in the Castle series is supposed to release. Nice to give a princess themed gift with purchase at the same time releasing new princess themed stuff to buy. If the website can handle the load, which it’s been better at lately than it as this time last year.
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    Having to say goodbye to our kitty

    I’m so sorry. He looks like he knows he was well loved and that’s what’s most important.
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    DPF 3.0 Issues Thread

    Does that just solve the no image on the marketplace tab (which is good to know is solvable) or does it also do something about the other, more important, issue of everyone not being able to see the full contents of a longer text marketplace post? I tried checking your test posts to see for...
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    DPF 3.0 Issues Thread

    I don’t think the new Marketplace works. I’ve seen multiple people mention not being able to see things so I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. When someone creates a Marketplace item, it creates a thread. The first post in the thread looks like this: So you can’t see anything there you just...