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  • Hey doll I was putting your pins together and the backing on one of the none le pins broke off. I am going to be sending you a different pin to you and I hope that is ok. It will be equal value as well thank you
    LOL! yeah I can't get enought of that movie... I try 2 watch it at least once a week I know all the words lol! I think most on this forum listen 2 them evey problem :)

    (LOL! that's ok! :) )
    Thanks! :) Well the good part is is that you don't have 2 collect just one thing... you could collect all of those 2 degree and be a hardcore collector for your absoulute fovirite! :)

    Yeah that's basicly my collection... I just love it som much! :) I listen 2 the songs everyday! lol! And don't worry about it being long... I perfer the long messages lol! and your ???'s are not a problem and are not silly at all... besides we were all newbies at one time and i'm still learning I think we all are. :)
    No problem... I love chatting with new members! :) and be sure 2 tell us when you do because i'm sure someone can help you out! Thanks for telling me that about the backround... trying 2 find a cool one 2 go with the little mermaid... but nothing yet :/ if you can recomend anything let me know! do you collect anything other than Tangled? oh and your avatar is :lol:
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