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Jul 13, 2020
    1. jjlagow
      Hi! I am so happy to be part of this forum! I made a mistake on my birth date. It should be July 11, not June 11.
    2. oldgumbie
      I changed my email address on my old account, but it is still awaiting confirmation. I cannot post anything with that account.

      I then did a new account with my old email with no problems. That is how I can post this. I have access to both emails right now, but want to use my new email.

      What do I do?
      1. Cicada
        Which account name and email would you like to use? Shoot me a PM.

        Oct 31, 2018
    3. tinkerbellfan117
      sent you a pm.
    4. tinkerbellfan117
      Replied to your pm.
    5. mickeymousje
      Your inbox is full :)
    6. Disxar
      I have to ask you something VERYY important but your inbox is full ;n;
    7. tinkerbellfan117
    8. annabelle
      Hi. I never got any response after registering for Secret Santa. When do I get my person's name and address? Thanks.
    9. Romancing_Train
      I was hoping you could help me. I've lost my SS email and now I'm ready to ship I don't have her address!!
    10. Romancing_Train
      Hey there, your inbox is full.
    11. littlebreadandbutterflies
      hi, I have not yet recieved my secret santa recipient. I checked all my emails and spam, but no luck. I posted to the thread for not recieving a pairing and still not recieved a response. I did receive my secret santa gift from someone, but that is all. please advise.
    12. Psycho Pixie
      Psycho Pixie
      your inbox is full...

      Please add this thread as a sticky to the auction house? it really helps the new folks get started.

    13. Alexa
      Thank you, thank you!
      P.S. - What are the chances of us getting bigger inboxes? I have a lot of sales going on and it's hard to keep track of them when I have to delete the PMs sometimes!
    14. Alexa
      Hi, there! Is there anyway I'm able to change my username? I'd like to be able to change it to "Alexa Disney" instead of my current one.
    15. mojoscout
      ok another question how can I attach personal images to posts?
    16. mojoscout
      thanks SO! much you helped a lot! :)
    17. mojoscout
      I have a question why is my inbox always full now? it used to only be full at 22 messages now I have emptied it down to 5 and it still says it's full plese help thanks in advance bye! :hs:
    18. dataswitch
      Hi! I was asked to post links to the pictures of the pins I was describing, so I found them on pinpics and tried to post them, but it said I needed an Admin to look them over. Being impatient I made a new post as well thinking it would work since my first post didnt need to be looked over haha. If you could allow either the new post or the reply to my old post it would be greatly appreciated! thanks.
    19. teddy_ruxpin
      that's great thank you,i just sent an email now,thanks from sabrina.:)
    20. teddy_ruxpin
      hi,i sent an email for signing up for secret santa a couple of days ago but i noticed i'm not on the list would have been my first secret santa and i was looking forward to it.i guess my email got lost :( and i guess i should have sent a message on here and checked before it closed .is there anyway i can still join or do i need to wait until next year now,thanks from sabrina .
    21. tinkerbelle1956
      I did never see the forum rules and didn't realize i could use an ignore list , I'm definitely going to make good use of it now . Thank You Cicada !
    22. Moondance
      I was INB4 the Lock :D OMG!!!!
    23. Danttebay0
      The forum looks awesome!!!!! It's so polished i absolutely love the look and the new PM features. Thank You!
    24. partygamin
      hi, can you please unlock my thread please as i now have photos of my pins
    25. figment919
      Hi, I have 2 references listed in the Reference Center under "Figment919", I would like them moved to my correct ID


      Mike S.
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