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  • Thanks :) It just worked out well I guess with trades and whatnot. Also, I didn't know when it would come out :( Everyone was saying Thursday but it ended up being Sunday >_< If I ran DS.com, I'd tell you ;) even still, they were sold out before people without codes got to them (since there was that whole fiasco with people ordering so many hours later when they came back up).

    I'll try to hold one, I just traded 1 actually for both Anna and Elsa PTNs, but I still have a few more :) It all depends on offers. I do like LM PODMs, but I gotta see the scene first (I'm really after the one where she says "What's a fire?!?!?") :D
    Don't worry...I'm keeping it I'm keeping it (at least until TTYF). I'm also gonna be packing Frozen cause ever since I traded away my Stitch collection I've been raking in the Frozen pins O___O I should have Elsa Stained Glass, a few DS.com, a couple Anna PTNs, Elsa PTN, and an Anna DLP (possibly) that extra will be up for trade (anything I only got 1 of is probably staying) :D so be there!!!!!!!! :D

    I'm gonna be late on Friday and Saturday too though, I'll be in the city until 5pm on both days, earliest I can get to TTYF is like 7pm on both days so if you get there late and I get there late...IT WORKS!!!

    lol I figured I'd wish you a happy birthday/unbirthday the only time could could have both at the same time depending your geographical location :lol: yeah...I waited for that one <_< I HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT TTYF! I actually had a good mail day today, I got an Ariel pin that I might "reveal" or "conceal" at TTYF (you should know which one it is by now ;D).

    Yeah, I'm hoping to have an Anna and Elsa PTN by TTYF to bring them both, maybe to trade or what not, who knows?
    Hey! I'm trying to keep up on all the stuff that came out today (news wise, not pin wise...to many pins came out that I can't deal with this :lol:). What about you? Any luck with Anna or Elsa PTNs? Or just life in general (school and stuff)?
    :O It's so pretty! I really want to order it, but I ordered a shirt from TeeFury almost a month ago and it still hasn't arrived, so I'm not sure I want to risk it again :/

    Did you order one?
    Yes, I am keeping that one :) It's her in her blue dress after all! I know it's normal, but I'd rather not being so busy :lol: I'm sure you know that feeling what with school being school.

    also, you should at least try and make it to 1 of the TTYF days :D I can be there end of the day on Friday and Saturday and all day Sunday but IDK if I'll go Sunday...maybe I'll just stay VERY late on Saturday...just a thought.

    Which APs?
    Oh! Ariel Guest Star is definitely staying with me ^_^ I did decide to let go of Stitch and I'm in the process of talking out Trades now. Didn't realize how big the pins were O___o Mainly Belle and Aurora.

    Also, I'm fine. Very busy as of late. Are you going to the CJDPT event this Friday? I think I want to but IDK who else is going...
    You're welcome :) I'm really sorry that it took so long! I've been a crumby trader :/

    Do you have a tumblr? I think I found your blog, but I'm not sure, and I was hoping to follow you, if you do have one. :D
    I've made my decision...I'm keeping Ariel, but my Stitch collection (which is small) is gonna go :( Which is really sad because I absolutely LOVE the Stitch Be My Valentine with Jessica and Belle, those 2 are the 2 I'm taking a really long time over deciding what to do with. I can't let go of those 2 that easily (Ariel Guest Star is just moving over into my Ariel collection ;D).

    I just have too many collections and it's too much frankly >_< I love them all, but I need to do stuff outside of pins and having so many collections is overwhelming @_@ I figure the Stitch ones can net me some great Ariel pins too since most of them range from $60-170 between the Stitch pins :)
    haha well thank you :) I prefer to not do auctions too much (since I don't have all the pins in the world to just throw away in auctions). On the plus side, I will be bringing R/C Ariel to the April and TTYF so although you can't see Valentines (she'll be gone by then) I should definitely have R/C ^_^

    I'm currently in a stage of mulling over getting rid of a collection...and I've narrowed it down to Stitch or LM. Not that I don't like them, it's just they're too much for me @_@
    Hi! No, not yet! And also, I am really, really sorry for the delay! My mom and sis get back early tomorrow morning/late tonight, so I plan on getting your pin out on Tuesday (PO is only open on Tues. and Thurs.)! I'm really sorry :facepalm: Thank you for being so awesome and patient!
    Well, worse comes to worse, you could always downsize and put some of your current collection pins up for trade :) That's what I do when I run out of traders and I start to realize I'm just in love with a pin like I used to be >_< Also, I will let you know, it's under consideration but it really needs to be planned out. I'm not driving down there only to not get her :(

    Also, that's quite the nice haul ^_^ Did you get the Opening Day Frozen pin? I haven't seen that pin around much honestly.

    :lol: It's not really an excuse, it's pretty much what happened :p Don't worry, there will be other pins to see there and hopefully some good pins to trade for in May :D You get any new pins lately? WiR or anything?
    Sorry >_< I'd gotten 1 too many TA's for it so I decided to have my 1st ever auction :( The TA's I was getting were pretty darn good and I didn't want people to go elsewhere for it and I've always wanted to do an auction ^_^ I know you wanted to see it, but I couldn't want until May to put it up...
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