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  • Hi Dan!! How are you? I'm recouperating from my last minor surgery (ERCP) on Tuesday. Good news is they got the gall stones and took out the stent, but I still need to have my gallbladder removed, yuck! However, that won't happen until after Christmas!! lol! Hope all is well with you!!! Miss ya!!
    Hey, Dan! I was looking through your wants and I saw I have two that you want for trade. Let me know if you're interested in trading.

    My Pins:
    89370 (Maleficent Character Hat)
    88772 (Dumbo the Flying Elephant Attraction)

    Your Pins:
    33169 (Fantasmic!)
    51773 (Maleficent)
    I love his work! I do love the Dumbo he's so adorable. And thank you! Aleciadesu so kindly made it for me. :) I hope you enjoyed the holiday's and had a great New Years!
    It was great talking with you at the dpf event! Hope you got a lot of good trades.,
    LOL, shhhh! I didn't know what to put!

    I'll definitely look into it though. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
    I agree about the flaking/crumbling. I totally forgot it did that because I haven't used one in ages, LOL.
    Hi Dan! I don't usually display my pins right now because I live with a big family with smaller children so it wouldn't be too healthy for my pins to be displayed in front of little children. I know they love to touch things and I wouldn't want to risk it! So for now they're in my large bag until I'm able to move out on my own. I'll definitely look into the method you suggested though. Is that what you use for your pins and how well does it work?
    Ha! Yes and no.... i just responded to your trade request..... That Lost pin is amazing!!!!!!
    Hi Dan! Thank you for the request! I'm finally on here and hope to get a nice collection going :)
    Oh! And thanks for all the great tips!
    I miss VMK more with every passing year it is gone. I saved a ton of screenshots, however most of them are gone now. On an old hardrive on a dead system. I am glad to hear from a fellow fan. I wish they would bring it back!! Thanks for the welcome.
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