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  • Yo dude, comin to the city tomorrow friday, doin dinner with my son at about 4:30...then got a hotel...not propositioning you BUT if your around and bored and wanna swap a pin and visit disney store or have wine...732-674--2254
    dude I am so blond sometimes. Yes as it stands now im planning on going in June...so peek at the train scedule and see when it comes in. The thingy is at 7pm so it would be best if it came in around or before then. stay in touch
    OK i got you back on pins and a ride from train (for oct right) i was saying there are other meets also. Hey why dont you PM erikr and grim and maybe still try for a NYC something this summer?
    no dude. i didnt get in on fri at all...by my choice kinda...im not thrilled with the pricing andless hours and costly merchandise..bla bla bla
    so on friday im chillin poolside. then dinner at Shulas in the dolphin then to MNSSHP at 7pm. IF YOU WNAT HALLOWEEN merchandise tell me. Sat im at the 13 event from breakfast til 7pm--then colapsing into a bottle of wine and bed and bath.! Hey r u gonna go to any cnjpt things? in june it is the 21st i believe. I posted it on FB central jersey page. i gota update te calendar on here.
    Hello fellow NYC trader! :) I'm honestly surprised such a large city doesn't already have an event.
    Hello I'm very new to the pin trading but I have already been told I have fake pins how can I tell a fake from a real one?
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