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  • Happy Valentine's Day, Beautiful!

    You didn't get my card? :( sometimes I really hate the Royal Mail. I will pm you sweetness xxxxxxx
    Hello Hollie & Karl!

    I hope all is well with you!
    Just a heads up, there is a package coming your way. I am sending it to Hollie's address, and I am shipping it out tomorrow.
    Also, the DS Rapunzel ornament where she has the tutu-esque skirt is in the package. I know Hollie said she already had it, but I had already purchased it, and I don't think it would hurt to have more than one :)

    I will try to send you the tracking number when I send it out.

    Oh, and your inbox is full :)

    Thank you!
    Hey there! :hs: Just wondering if Mickey has been sent out yet. We're getting a little anxious over at the gnoming game...
    Hey guys! :)

    Just wondering if you still have the Gnome Mickey pin from the gnoming game? :) I think the next player is waiting for it, the game is pretty close at the moment and we can't wait to see your no doubt very arty picture you've taken of him! :)

    Let us know! <3
    I am very annoyed with DS right now. I ordered a pin last Tuesday and it only arrived yesterday in a giant box which was battered to bits! Then this shenanigans this morning! I hope you get it pretty lady. Xxxxxxx
    hey Hollie you didn't reply back to my thread, but I'm eager to know have you had your wedding yet? :)
    Thank you sooo much Hollie!!! :hug: I love the drawing to bits and pieces! I need to frame it! I seriously want a t-shirt with it on it! :D it's perfect, thank you!
    Hello princess. I haven't forgotten to message you my arty idea just having a really bad week. But I'll send you it tonight. Hugssssss xxxxxxxxxxxx
    I'm glad you liked the artwork. I look forward to seeing Hollie's art inside the Comic-Con souvenir book one day.
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