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  • Hey there!
    Just realized that I was behind you at the Princess Carousel/Maleficent 13 pin release on March 14 at WDW. I was the "little" girl with her dad. I wish I said something while we were there. Maybe next time!
    (this whole message is going to be really awkward if you don't remember seeing me in line...)
    Hi there Greg and Debby! ^_^ :wavey:

    Just wanted to say that I received a lovely surprise ZAP package a few days from you, it really brightened my day and the pin is beautiful- thank you SO much! ^_^ I had a lot of fun watching all the nominations getting their pins (thanks for choosing RiftRaft! <3), so thank you for doing the ZAP nomination game and for being such great members of our pin community! ^_^

    -PrincessxJasmine89 :) x
    Just wanted to stop by and say that your profile picture is pretty awesome! If only I could get my hubby to do something like that... lol
    i was so happy to hear from you thank you for the wonderfully kind message :hug:. i promise i will be writing to you tomorrow.many thanks from Sabrina.
    Congrats on the Auction ! I bailed out as I don't have any hats . Happy Anniversary to you & Greg . Tomorrow is my birthday and I decided to keep my traders . LOL
    Hey there! Here is your DC#:


    Had to send it out today, work held me up on Friday and Saturday.

    Thanks again!
    Hello! Hope all is well!!! I was just wondering, how did you make the thing that has your names under where you post? LOL!
    Hi just wanted too stop by and ask if you have gotten any new pins lately? and see how things were going :)(I do remember the last time we talked things were a bit hectic... )
    I got the pins today! Thank you so much! It really made my day!!!

    Thanks again,
    Its been great meeting you guys and really getting to know you! We appreciate everything youve done for us already! <3 We're really excited for tomorrow night, and to see what your costumes are! :D
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