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  • I'm coming at 7, and can only stay an hour.

    So if you're there close to seven that's great! I'll get to say hi! And you can see the frozen Star Wars shirt :p
    Excuses, excuses. :p

    please do! I'll try my best to find something! You do realize that podm scene is incredibly hard to get, right? :sad: I remember you liked scenes with flounder. Or maybe a part trade? I saw that you made that trade :) congrats!
    Good! And gee wiz with your frozen hauls! Do you think you could put aside a ds.com frozen pin for me for when I actually have something you like? Since somebody (*cough_kupo/Matt/Mike_cough* ) told me back in November that it was supposed to come out on the 14th, and it came out a few days earlier....

    Hmmm??? :p *cough*

    just let me know if there's anything I can get. Maybe a little mermaid podm?

    I'll do my best to be there Friday! I'll have to spend most of the weekend studying for my exam. 
    :lol: Thank you. :)


    I hope so too! I have my AP psych exam that monday.... :sigh: So hopefully I can come for a little bit friday or saturday. I saw! You'd better keep that pin, señor! ;)
    :) . Yeah, the pins are coming out fast! No luck with the ptns yet. I'll wish upon a star for Elsa. I might be able to get Anna one day. General life is busy, and a bit hectic as I approach graduation. And my birthday is on Thursday, so there's that lol. Trying to see if I can make it to ttyf in May. I'd really hate to miss it!
    Well I'm glad you're keeping that one! :)

    Glad to hear you're doing well. Being busy is normal :p

    No, I can't go, its Good Friday! I wonder why they picked that date? TTYF is the 2-4, so I'll see how that works out. I've got APs coming up. :sigh:
    Yay! For the little mermaid. I love stitch though. :( well I think you should keep the guest star ones. ;)

    good luck deciding! Just go with your gut :) .

    so, other than that, how are you?
    When in April? And whaaaaaatttt?! You can't get rid of the little mermaid! :cry:

    Ill just steal them all at the pin meet :p :lol:

    how about just keep your absolute favorites??
    I am getting the opening day frozen. :) I traded a baby Sven plush for it. :) which is now like nowhere to be found! I went to a couple of disney stores and they sold out online too. :/ I guess I'll have to get one for myself later.

    I'll take a look at your auction! ;)

    Riiiiigghhht. :P

    Yes well. meh. Hopefully I can get something to trade! Let me know if you decide to go to Florida :p you crazy head. ( for Elsa's release).

    I got the frozen heart pin, and the paris olaf :) And a rapunzel :D I think that one was from hong kong? not sure.
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