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  • I received your package of pins. Thank you for taking time to apologize and make our trade right again even after all that time passed. You could have easily just left it alone or joined another site, but you did the harder right thing and saved a friendship and your reputation. I appreciate that. xo
    So i see you were peeking on here in dec. I am sure you see the complaint filed. I gotta tell ya, i never pegged you for one to take pins and then not send yours. This is actually stealing. I sent you over $50 in pins and that was in July and you just disappeared. I was actually worried about you since i couldnt believe you would steal from me....stupid me
    Hi Molly, can you please respond to my PM's? My auction almost has been 3 months ago, I've already send my pins to you and still haven't received yours! Can you please let me know what's going on? Otherwise I will contact one of the mods. PLEASE respond
    hi. i guess your just not following through with our trade. Again no answers to any PMs nor these visitor messages nor the trade dispute. I feel whole heartedly you owe my the $ for the Brave set and shipping. PLEASE respond.
    Hi again. I have left you messages again in you inbox and have not gotten a relpy. The last i heard from you was Aug8th, three weeks ago and still no pins from our trade of July 11th. I have contacted the mods since I have no recourse. If i dont hear from you today i will be leaving negative feedback. I also feel you should reimburse me the money i spend for the Brave booster set via paypal. I feel very hurt by all this after i went out of my way to do you a favor. There has been almost NO communtication during these 7 weeks. Perhpas you can PM the customs receipt, which has a number of reference and a mailing date stamped on them.
    hey girly, i left you a PM and havnt heard from you...nothin major. Maybe your at the Olympics? Just checking on the pins but i think its out of our control.
    HI Molly, i got the gorgeous pins today!!! Love them both--lets do it again. I have 2 trips to WDW coming up so i can shop for you if you want and vise versa....let me know if youd like that. Leaving feedback now, you are a pleasure. Hope nan is doing well.
    I cant reply your PM box is full. basically i purposly bought the mystery pack best friends for you (you had asked me) so they need to be part of the deal, i dont want to be left with 5 traders. You can give up one of the PODM pins or trade forPin 85443: Disney Store Europe - Pocahontas, Meeko & Flit or for Maximus. Let me know, and i will ship right away :)
    Happy Birthday! I will get in touch with you regarding the 2 pins you wanted a wee bt later today. Sorry about the delay.
    Hope to trade in the future :) like to trade with UK takes less time to arrive hehe
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