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  • I got your back! I KNOW you and your the last person who would sensor someone without cause. Just the fact that she is lashing out at people and questioning their ability to comprehend things, makes me think there is more to the story than she's sharing.

    Obviously I don't know, and I will never know but geez! The other owners of PP has the right to black who they want, when they want and how. Would I be mad if they deleted my account, sure but REALLY, it's a free site!!!!!!!!!!!

    I may not be Mulan, but I can still wield a sword...a sword of words. :). Kill em with Princess kindness is my method!
    say whatttttt?:wat: hey 5 days till we get to hang!! you're so lucky! get my presents ready.
    MY snow? is this street for some new drug? OHHHH snow white pin...NOPE. Remember you took your grandpa scuffle to the post office later than i did.

    Now OMG Dom isnt necessary, Mumms will do- AN YES I WANT A TOUR---dont make me bring my tinkerbell costume. I have wings !!
    Indeed it is. Being Salt Lake Sally is not bad either. In fact, I think I'll change my user name to reflect my true self. :)
    I wasn't bumping I was asking a question I didn't do anything wrong I have kept it to one per day
    YES IM COMING! im only "in: on sat (thats what she said) but ill be at the rsp on thursday about 3pmish. You owe me! oh no --****- i actually owe you and just remembered right now. damn it. If you didnt mail yet hold the pin and just keep figment. Thats for helping me win that auction a few back.
    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!
    You say it's your birthday!
    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah , nah, nah, nah!
    It's my birthday, too, yeah!
    Nah, nah, nah.....oh, wait, it's just MY birthday. Mwahahahaha.
    As the highest ranking princess of Princess Central, I could never admit to being behind such a dastardly deed. I could lose my tiara for admitting to the crime. So sorry, no confessions here....... guess it's still a mystery :rofl:
    Hey there Mod!
    So. I keep getting a returning Spam on my messages and now it's on my profiles comments. Just so your aware. Anyway I can delete it off my comments?
    DUDE are you messin with me? you are evil. did you not ask me if the pin had arrived at my house? Al told me he has it and you sent it to him direct? i swear.
    You sir have the most intriguing mind. And i actually get MOST of what your talking about! i hate owing you--i feel dirty. oh and no package as of yet. tomorrow maybe
    Yo--i am actually laughing my *** so spent...i didnt get it yet you crazy GOOD guy. but i did mail Al my pins (holy dumb blond)
    Ill go to the box in a minute. What do i have to do for that pin? hmmmmmm
    I see the nature of your villainy has changed and required a new avatar. I will miss Jafar deeply, but as Ursula is my favorite bad girl I won't complain too much. BTW-Corona is not a pissy beer. Coors is pissy beer.
    OMG suck it. ok and you mentiond a "lady friend" in May and now a freakin puppy. You are SO NOT a scary villian.....are you wearing an apron and baking cookies also. OMG im peeing
    Cool down there, hot skillet, who said we were trading?!?!? :rant: I believe I said, "if you want the Hook pin to let me know and it's yours!" Ain't that simple enough?

    Silly villain ... always trying to complicate things!
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