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  • hey Marhii,

    I have the chernabog and Jafar pins your missing and more than willing to trade them, just let me know!!

    ps inbox is full????
    Hey Mahrii! Your inbox is full. PM me when it's cleared so I can send you the message I just sent out to everyone
    hiya! you haven't been around in a couple weeks and I wanted to make sure you knew I got the repaired pin back and it is ready to come home. I do NOT want to ship it until I get a confirm from you that you are home to receive it. It is lovely, and you can hardy tell which post got repaired. I will include a note for you regarding why it broke, he figured it out too! hugs! I hope you had a delightful holiday!
    Hey Maritza could you send me your address again pretty please. I think I accidently deleted the message! Sorry!
    Hey Mahrii sorry about my inbox being full. Just went through it :).
    So we can continue our message. :)
    Inbox full again, lol I will put my message here and you can send me a PM ;)
    Hi Maritza :)
    I got a reply from Cicada that you can take my pairing and that I will be your 'secret' santa (wel it isn't a secret anymore lol) Please let me know if you still want to do this and I can send the details of my pairing to you and can you send me your info to please? :)

    Thank you!

    Yeah, my inbox refuses to stay empty! I have your DC but you won't get it for a couple of days, it just went out Saturday. I will PM you the DC as soon as I figure out what messages I can delete.
    Hi! Just tried to PMed you but it says your inbox is full.

    I was wondering what is the update on the POMHs? Should I be getting them anytime soon? Do you have DC #? Thank you!!

    Trying desperately to keep my inbox free, but as soon as I free space, it fills ack up, lol. The joy of being popular, lol
    inbox is full.
    Pin you sent is now in the hands of the pin doctor. yours is not the only one he has recently seen. The last 2 releases he has repaired a total of 5 of those pins posts. He will fix it, let is set up and stablize, test it out and then give it back to me once he knows it wont break the instant you get it back.
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