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    Pin Pics down

    I have literally dozens of newer pins that were never added to the database. SKU brings up nothing, search for name brings up nothing. Looking forward to adding all of these once the site is up and running again. Both individual pins and some mystery pins that don't come up. Hope my cell takes...
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    Pin boards at WDW

    I was told by a guest Sir Mickeys had some hard to find pins. She told me what she got and they were pins I have never seen on a pin board before! Don't know if she was just in the right place at the right time, but be sure to check when you're in Magic Mingdom!
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    Hidden Disney Pins - Can someone help explain?

    I was told by the owner of a gift shop here in Orlando they were going to be changing the names to "hidden Disney". (That was just before covid.) She had a source inside Disney that told her about the name change and how both coasts are getting similar pins (Marvel, Droids). I thought she meant...
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    Pin Pics down

    Another one excited the site is changing hands. Used to be an awesome site but lately it seams new pins were never added, pin trade requests never got a response. Tried to log in, couldn't. Tried to change password, no e-mail. Clicked on a link to a pin I had bookmarked and was logged in to...
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    Thanks for reviving site

    Tried logging in, couldn't. Tried to reset passsord, THREE TIMES, never received e-mail. I was convinced the site was DEAD. Seamed whenever I was able to log in newer pins were never there, trade requests never got a response. Glad to find this forum and know I'm not alone!