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  • Hey darlin'! Sorry for my disappearance. I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off! I made a post on the forums so if you want you can kind of read through and see what's been going on.
    Awe I'm sorry to hear that!
    Yeah this gives me some time to make a list of what I'd like.
    They come in blind boxes so ill purchase them and grab whichever you need.
    Belle is one of the cuter ones :) so ill add them to the list.
    Well I can't see the rest of them. (iPad doesn't hold flash player) so I just saw what someone posted. I'll be happy to pick up whatever for you :)
    ooohhh! I need to make a list that's right. When are you going?
    Hey Hun . New pins apparently in March are announced (DlR) A series of princesses on horses thought you'd be interested in.
    Hi Rachel! Your inbox is full but I wanted to let you know that I received the DLP Fantasyland pin today! Thanks again for sending it to me! I really love it. Happy New Year! --Annie
    Rachel!!! Designer princesses for sale!! The pins too!
    Ariel is for sale for $180!! They say no international shipping but I can help you out if you would like!
    Hi Rachel!
    Not sure if you saw this already, but did you see the auction for the Gaston Le 150 pin? :) Just thought you should know since you love BatB! :D
    Hey pin pall!
    Kinda a dumb question. But if I sent traders over to you for castmember pins would you be willing to just keep an eye out for me when you go? Just was wondering. Paris castmember pins are so pretty.
    Hey Hun. There's actually two versions:

    Pin 51944: Jeweled Princesses - Ariel (Version 1)


    Pin 49899: Ariel - Jeweled Tail
    Oh yeah Hun don't forget to bid on my auction! You might just end up getting another pin sent in your order :)
    I know tonight is your PTN. Think of me when you see Ariel's! Lol I might be interested in getting a couple of thoes. I'd love to have your pins to you before Xmas so you can enjoy them!
    Hey love! Lets see if we can score me some good traders!? Rapunzel and aurora looks pretty popular. Think their grail worthy? Just need another's opinion :)
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