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    Zapped! A Cinderella zap

    Beautiful, congrats!
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    Zapped! Zapped by Summerskin!

    Very cute zap, congrats!
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    Zapped! ZAPped by Addicted to Alice

    Beautiful zap! Congrats
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    Zapped! My Chin, Literally dropped-opened!

    Wow AMAZING zap! Congrats sweetie!!
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    RAKed! Surprise RAK ATTACK!

    That’s a amazing RAK! And you deserve this so much for everything you do for DPF <3
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    Zapped! Another Gift of Disney Magic

    Very sweet, congrats!
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    Sold/Ended: Tiny Kingdoms, TLM HK and SHDL and more!

    Will do! I can’t think of anything right now but will put my order in for these pins and will keep you updated :)
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    Sold/Ended: Tiny Kingdoms, TLM HK and SHDL and more!

    I can help with DLP pins but don't need anything Frozen (don't collect Frozen anymore) I can hold the pins if you want bc I think we will have a lot more to come and I'm sure we can work something else out to trade :)
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    Zapped! As Good as Chicken Soup !

    That’s so sweet of her and a lovely pin! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs!
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    Zapped! Zapped by PurpleMandMs!

    Wow lovely package, congrats! :D
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    Sold/Ended: For medical costs Elsa ACME

    Pin sold on FB thanks for looking :)
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    2019 pin releases

    And so are you :) <3
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    2019 pin releases

    They will be available for a while so if they won’t show up in the states I can always help you out whenever you’re ready :)