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  • soz just dashed off and forgot our private chat was open,, had to go get on with my website,, nice chatting,, i will be back soon...
    mags u doin?
    just wondering if you will be picking up saturdays pin releases.if so do you fancy trading as i cant get to a store for a while.
    many thanks
    Wow! What a Pink Page!! I forgot to mention that DLP still had a framed set for sale that you liked! It was on sale for 90Euros in one of the stores down Main Street USA. To be honest I WAS going to get it for you but didn't know if you wanted to spend that sort of money around Christmastime!

    I know that there is another UK DPF'er going soon Stitch2814 I think, maybe you could ask if you fancy!

    Chris x
    Thanks for the friend request! Great to see other people from the UK.
    I'm living in Norwich!
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