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  • Happy Spring to you my friend Nate!! I hope the weather is much nicer there now!! Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts!! I wish you all the very best and hope that your life is ALWAYS full of love, happiness, good health and fun!! My best to you, Kevin and your new fur baby ... and from my 4 kitties too, lol!!
    If you find that thread I would love a link to it :). I popped on a thread in ou gatherings and started fishing around, but I want to be respectful of people who have been doing this much longer than we have. Last year after our first disney trip with our 3 kids, my husband and I went to the Daytona disneyana convention and had almost as much fun as we did any disneyworld. We are for sure planning to go to that event again in June and we would love to take part in something earlier if anything happens. Thank you so much for reaching out to me! Tomorrow I'm going to upload a picture of my favorite pin to share with you. Have a great night!
    Hi! Thank you so much for the welcome! I am still getting familiar with the platform but I'm so excited to meet other people in the Midwest to trade with that I am trying to get a little more familiar everyday. This seems like a wonderful place where people really get to know eachother!
    Hello! Do you know the rules to unlocking being able to post in the wanted section?
    Happy Valentine's Day, Nate!

    I currently collect all the Ariel pins, especially the ones with her as a mermaid. I also collect Anna pins, with a heavy emphasis on the ones of her in the coronation gown (I'll probably collect the Frozen fever ones as well...) I'm an engineering student with a focus on design, so I also like anything artistic/scientific or a combo of the two. I also collect anything that I think would fit into my collection. I think my collection that's the most all over the place is my vinyls. Do you collect vinyls as well?
    Hi, thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I've been collecting for eleven years and I'm just starting to come out of the cracks.
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