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  • i'll e-mail you soon but the computer is being repaired and i'm writing on ps3, it's quite annoying and slow sorry, i'll write when the computer is back .
    Hi Crystal, your inbox is full! anyway, I posted a thread a couple days ago, but I also wanted to thank you personally for not just the great trade, but the sweet zap. I can't believe you took pins out of your own personal collection just so I could have them! It means more to me than you will ever know. My rose collection is something very personal to me, and your gift will always be cherished and treasured. They're absolutely beautiful pins, I love how prominent and detailed the roses are! Pictures don't do them justice at all. Thank you again, please let me know if I can ever repay your kindness! ♥
    The black dust is from Chernabogs own soot, the oozing red stuff is kindly donated by the BBW, i think its fresh sausage, the bits of green slimy stuff were of course gifted by an old Hag, and that polka dotted blot cloth is from a Deville Deisigners,, dry clean only please,
    Lastly but of course not leastly was the Odur de Juor,,,,,,,, Wet Rat ala Mold, most auspicously sent to you by one, Prof Ratagan,,,,,,

    See here at VI , we not only believe as a team, we play as a team......

    and did you notice ,,, it was postage due!!!
    alrighty then , as soon as the mayhem slows down, I will be sending the monkees out to find a trinket to ....um whats the phrase about payback? dont want to have to infract myself for language so will leave it there!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!
    ok my flying monkees are saying.....Take the last train to Poohlady5,,,, Are you the mystery zapper of Si and Am?
    Poohlady! Thank you so so so so so incredibly much for my Christmas in July package! It exceeded even my wildest hopes! All of the pins are going right into my collection and staying there, and the other things will take proud places in my "Pooh shrine". I can't believe you were so generous! Thank you so much, I'll have to find some way to repay even a tenth of what you've given me :)
    You are a fantastic lady and I am grateful for my gorgeous zap! Thank you so much <3 I am smiling to bits! I look like a crazy lady! Lol. Thank you again! X
    thats not HUe? thats ,,, why thats a FL manatee, he musta got lost and took the 5 to LA, Probably stopped in Bakersfield and mistook it for Hoboken Nj , they get confused alot, If he continues to wander around Cali, just drop me a Pm, I got a fresh head of lettuce and some accurate PH type water for him to swim in!!
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