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  • Bring back Hue!!!

    Why do I suddenly feel like a S.T.,N.G. episode?
    Even if he was color deficient!!
    hi,i promise i will write soon, im in hospital with pneumonia and i dont have acomputer,i got an nternet codefrom the nurse today for my ps vita but its so hard to write with sorry,im poorly at the moment,i will write when i can..
    muhahahahaha!!!<who was that shadowy figure vanishing into the dark, and what was he doing, in your pinbag?>
    ONly the Grey Manatee knows!!
    they dont have manatees in cali? not to mention Hue Manatees, those are rare even here in Fla,I did see one once,, but just once, and I think I had more rum than capt Jack when I saw him....love that graphic!
    Hey there! We was thinking of zapping you a pin you needed to complete...but i havent heard back from the admin. LOL..i guess it kinda negates the act of zapping if you know about it..but i figure..its the thought that counts right?
    oh my gosh! Thank you soooo much for the wonderful surprise today!!!! I was just saying when I got home how it seems that none of my trades are going well lately and "poof!" I check the mail and find a lovely surprise! That was so sweet of you. Thank you so much :) YOu made my day!!
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