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  • Shivatopia, thank you for your gracious welcome! most heart felt!
    We have a whole room of Donald collectables, many from Japan.
    Nice to know that other forums exist to share such things as well as pins!
    We are pretty hooked on pins at the moment LOL:donald:
    Cool! :) really? Impresive... ;) Yeah... co ops can be terrible if your running them I feel bad but I think we lost her forever :( ha ha I would'nt be suprised if she was on a different site heck I would'nt be suprised if we chesed her away from pins in generel :hs: My Ariel pin quest is going a little 2 well... :lol: I'm not sure i'll have enough $$$$ for all of the pins i want :lol: i need donations ha ha! jk!
    ha ha just checking! ;) You should post pics of your flyn collection! :) and doll collection! I'm sorry 2 say but I think your doomed with the designer pins ha ha! I'll try 2 help but yeah those 2 will be very hard... but worht it! :) (trust me ;) ) Yeah I feel bad 2 because I think we drove her a little insane :/ i know I was very nervous... I kept getting Pms from others in the co op asking for Marcie and I kept trying 2 tell them I have no clue what's going on just like you and have no clue other than a pm of how 2 reach her. Plus she had 2 sell 2 of them. I don't think we'll hear from her ever again! :( We must have driven her away fromt the pin world
    hey! :)
    are you becomming a hard core pin collector not so much into dolls? ha ha jk! oh that is an awesome set! witch 8 do you have? I had a trade lined up for Ariel but it did'nt work out oh wel :) ha ha you have been collecting Flyn again? or only Fllyn scenes? Scary adventure is cool... post pics! ha ha will you be trying for all of the designer pins sooner or latter? ha ha I bet she regrets it 2! Remember what a hard time she had selling that one! :lol: Have you heard from her at all? Ihave'nt seen a post or heard anything about her in a long time :/
    thanl you for your help but I can't figuire it out:((as you can tell I'm really not good at computers :p ha ha)
    Thank you for taking the time to post that to me, I guess I still have some time to think about it but I will probably end up splitting them up (in different rooms) as well because they are so big!
    I love chatting about disney charecters to! it is kind of a weird topic to be talking about! lol did ya get my other pm?:)
    I don't know exactly why I came back...this website brings me a **** load of horrible memories....Most of my abusers are still womping around too...I may lay low.

    I missed you and your insightful replies that blew me away xD sorry i never replied to most of them :\ I guess I never knew how to respond.

    Is Rose still around?
    Aw darn lol I was going to say "Please critique me!!" Yeah, I think he does look good in 2-D. I like sketchy work like that.
    Hey Shiva, where are you? We Miss you :(
    Added you on Gmail but I haven't gotten an add accept from ya ):
    You are such a sweetheart!!!!!!!!! *hugs*
    I hope you have a fun time here on this forum, I'm looking forward to seeing you become an active and core member of our community :)

    Also- cute Flynn pics- in fact, I feel that they're the best pics of Flynn that I have ever seen!!!!!!

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