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  • I just saw that you like to read mythology, folklore and fairytales! Any particular cultures or periods? :)
    Happy belated Birthday my friend !! :wavey: :hug: :chip: i'm sorry i'm so late , I will email you today ! I hope you had a lovely birthday .
    Yep, I brought my son, the blond-haired kid. We had three lanyards laying on our table with our tiny collection of pins! ;D Later that evening, I ended up writing down names and descriptions of the people I met to help me remember them. And I realized how helpful a real profile pic can be (not the avatar; the pic you have to go to someone’s personal page to see), so I went ahead and uploaded one. I had so much fun at the party and it was great meeting you and everyone else.

    Yay i'm so happy that you liked them ! i thought of you as soon as i saw the cute bear i sent you !
    did you get my thank you email a while ago ? i loved all the gifts you sent me thank you so much !! :hug:
    No reason. I was reading post one day and notice that you had a link to your wants. I had an extra Figaro train car so I thought I'd send it.
    Sora!!!!! *hugs* Thank you so much! This is the first time I've logged in here in forever and what a delightful thing to log into and see! Thank you so much! :3 *hugs*

    That is SO awesome!!! :hsd: :wiggle: :hsd: Thank you SO much!!! I hope you had a magical Valentine's Day yourself!!! :hug:
    Omg, that picture on your profile is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I love it!

    You are so pretty! :) And so silly!
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