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  • Hi, did you receive the auction package I sent yet ? please keep me informed , i'll let you know when I receive yours . thank you.
    wow , thank you so much for adding to my auction bid,i didn't know anything about it . I was really stunned when I just saw the pm saying we'd won , you're super awesome and I appreciate your kindness so much, it means a lot to me. you're the greatest ! I am so happy and excited ,thank you ever so much !
    can we be friends. would you like any of the Jasmine pins ? you deserve any you'd like . you seem like a marvel and star wars fan ,both are great and i like the Marvel characters and also the Ewoks from Star Wars. sorry I didn't write a pm ,I'm sorry i wrote a visitor message and didn't pm you but it's quite hard to pm at the moment ,
    I can email though.
    thank you from Sabrina.
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