May 6, 2019
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Jun 29, 1989 (Age: 31)
Mid-Ohio, USA

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Local Kevin Specialist and Frozen Nut, Female, 31, from Mid-Ohio, USA

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        Jul 3, 2019
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    Jun 29, 1989 (Age: 31)
    Mid-Ohio, USA
    I collect . . .

    UP - Kevin
    UP - Anything Paradise Falls
    UP - Kevin's Babies
    UP - Some Carl and Ellie (particularly mailbox scene look/age)

    FROZEN - Anna and Elsa together or when you can get a pair of pins
    FROZEN - Elsa
    FROZEN - Anna
    FROZEN - Any of A&E wearing outfits from Frozen Fever or Christmas Adventure
    FROZEN - Some Sven and Kristoff
    FROZEN - Snowflakes
    FROZEN - Bruni
    FROZEN - Water Nokk
    FROZEN - Sir Jorgenbjorgen (wish there was a pin, but I'd go for anything!)
    (No Hans and Olaf only when in a group)

    20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - Anything with the Nautilus (submarine) or part of it or symbol of it - In otherwords - Anything Nautilus! Also would love the Mysterious Island pin!

    CHIP & DALE (I get Chip, Sis gets Dale, and we share the together) - Any that appeal, I particularly like them with nuts and them for Fort Wilderness/Wilderness Lodge

    GOOFY's CANDY Co. - Would love some of the actual GCCo. pins, but right now I get anything that looks like something from GCCo. (Sweets, treats, etc.)

    ARISTOCATS - Duchess (small collection of pins that feature Duchess, alone or with other cats)

    STAR WARS - MANDALORIAN (Baby Yoda, Cara, Mando)
    STAR WARS - Leia
    STAR WARS - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    STAR WARS - Resistance (anything that says "Resistance")
    STAR WARS - DUM Pit Droids

    ROBIN HOOD (movie and characters) - Anything Robin, Marian, Merry Men, other characters
    Anything Archery - Kind of goes along with the above, as I do Merida (with bow or arrows) and Hawkeye (w/ bow or arrow) and anything bow and arrows

    LOTSO - Hardly have any, but Lotso is one of my top Disney loves! Plush, pins, anything . . .


    PinPics ID: stratasfan
    Pin Trading Database ID: stratasfan
    (PinPics has more wants listed right now, but PTD has more newer traders, as they have more new pins listed!)

    Sis and I LOVE pins! Been collecting for a while, new to trading, though. Don't really care about types of pins, just trade for what we like! That means purely the design on the front of the pin! Am more than happy to photograph any pins you want to trade for! So, feel free to let me know what you'd like to see, as I want everyone to know and be happy with what they are trading for!

    Really like pins featuring Kevin from UP, Frozen (Concentrating on Elsa and Anna in diff. outfits, Bruni, Water Nokk, Groupings, etc.), Goofy's Candy Co., some Star Wars (Baby Yoda, Mando, Cara, Leia, Pit Droids, etc.), Lotso

    Also looking to trade for Frozen Elsa TY Beanie, Elsa Wishable, Kevin Tsum Tsum plush, Sir Jorgenbjorgen something, Elsa and Anna FF and O's FA figures or Funkos

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]