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  • Hey lady,
    Wife had emergency patient passing at one of her facilities, while not a great task at all it left me to watch kids for evening, and I was so looking to hitch a ride with you, maybe sit on your handlebars..????
    Say Lavee' as the frogs croak....
    Hello! :wavey: I was wondering if you are still interested in custom Alice in wonderland shoes? :wiggle: please let me know either way! Thank you! :)
    thanks for the PODM offer, I will have to gratefully decline, save it you know its gonna bring you a good pin at the 13 event!!!!!

    besides its better to have you with Dawny and the rest in the IOU pile, I like collecting you goody goods and bringing you over to the dark side!!!

    but you did warm the cockels of an old grey heart with your offer thank you!!!
    I sent you a pm on the 9th , havent heard back from you, did I do something to upset you?
    hey margaret , waitied for you at Pinchasers, you didnt show, so I wore a sad face all day!!!!Boohoohoo!!!
    HI M-- got the pins yesterday and i am sooo happy..i have wanted dumbo for some time. I think we hold a record for the longest negotiation in trading.. :)
    i am leaving feedback. Hey email or PM once a week so i know whats going on with the ol leg. Take care of yourself and stop skatboarding would ya.
    Hi Margaret! It was very nice meeting you and sharing the bus ride after trading at riverside :)
    I got Penny today and couldnt be happier, one off my grails list. I will touch base beofre mickeys circus so i can get my fantasia ghost (so remember them for me :) leaving feedback now.
    WoW ... FIVE THOUSAND PINS ?!?! Oh My Dear Lord, you were a serious pin collector weren't you . HeHe
    I've been waiting to see your pins up for sale . Right now financially we are catching up , but I'd be interested in buying some good traders to help you out . I believe I mentioned this before when you mentioned you were going to be putting them up for sale .
    Jim & I are planning the pin event . Now listen, I have a friend, she is a travel agent and is heavily involved with the Central New Jersey Pin Traders Association . She has blocks of rooms All Star Sports is $77.00 , Port Orleans is $143.00 and Beach Club is $242.00 and that price includes tax .
    I'm so sorry that you are ill, my friend in the UK has lupus as well . I hope you start feeling better .
    Thank Laz so much for getting me a Tangled POMH pin .
    Magical Wishes, Debi
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