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  • Hi margaret, i'm a bit confused what happened with the dumbo spinner pins? Do i owe you $ or did the pins never show?
    Some of the Valentine's pins are out right now from what I remember. I saw some but didn't get a closer look because I wasn't going to purchase anything that day - I'm trying to limit my spending, LOL! I'm supposed to be going this Monday/Tuesday and if there's anything you're looking for I'll try and snatch some up for you.
    Hahaha yes, you would be surprised! Usually, all you have to do is tell by their legs. You can always tell if he/she is a woman or a man. My boyfriend has done Maleficent in Fantasmic! as well. When I found out he played her I just about fell out of my chair, laughing so hard! When do you plan on coming back over here? I've only been on DPF for several months but for a while I was on hiatus due to personal reasons therefore I had to drop out of pin trading but now I'm finally back. Thankfully, I don't have too much to catch back up on.
    Hey, Margaret! I saw your avatar and just about giggled because my boyfriend used to be the Queen! I see you all over DPf and thought I would introduce myself. My name's Alexa. :)
    Hi M-- as i kkeep learning i have a question. It seems i have alot of chaser pins?? Exactly what is that?
    Holy Moly Margarert ! Thanks for all you have done to help me . I just got my hands on my holiest of grails Beast to Prine Transformation DA 100 pin and only paid $75.00 for it . I found a Disney company that sells authenic pins, I didn't look at his Alice in Wonderland line yet . I found them through a member here that doesn't give his name out too many . I'm so excited I could jump for joy . He only has older rare pins that he must buy and then sells reasonably . They are 100% authentic , not fake . If I find the ones you are looking for I will buy it for you or give you his info . If you come across a Stool or Armoire for trade , puh~lease think of me as I always do for you . Love, Debi
    Hi margaret, i leave for WDW tomorrow am and i another person on here asked me to get them the new alice pin from DTD, do you want one as well? will they let me get 3? its best you text me via phone incase i dont get back on here before i leave...dawn
    Merry Christmas Margaret! hope all is well and you are feelin great. Hope your sis is finding her way and embracing this new phase in her life. It was nice to meet and i wish we had time to "do" lunch! enjoy
    Thanks for the BD wishes. All the party animals left a mess on the floor and the hippo sat on the tree, but it all turned out OK by the end of the party.
    hippo birdie two ewes,
    hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie two ewes
    All the party animals want to celebrate with you!!
    <3 <3 <3 Margaret You are one of the Most Wonderful Human Beings I Have ever Had the Pleasure of Calling My Friend! Wishing you the BEST Today and Always! <3 <3 <3 I Can't wait till the Weekend! We are going to have Loads of Fun at WDW!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    I think I turned my PM's off somehow as I'm not getting replies ? I love your picture, you are so darn cute with your family . Did you get my PM ?
    Hi! One of the other forum members said you might be interested in Aurora? If not, please disregard this. :)
    Hi, you are sweet. So i got the number for my dream pin. It is your 19425. Gee i hope there is something you want of mine or perhaps if we do meet up i can purchase something for you. I saw the new pin series on disneyactions i think and they look really great (iforget the name of the series). I hear you about the pins, it is a sickness, i truly LOVE them all. I do keep to collecting from the 50 full length animated films (does not narrow it own that much) So thurs the 3rd and friday the 4th, during the day i am on my own while me sweetheart is on business, sat is our date day at food n wine and sunday i am meeting 5 HS girls for a get together, then we head home......soooooo we could meet to trade or do it by mail. Well that was a mouth full. I am excited, can ya tell.
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