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  • hi, i am new to DPF, having a blast trading and buying. Not sure if this is the right place to leave a message but i peeked at your trades and i would absolutly love the Armour from Beauty and the Beast, but i dont seem to have a pin you would want SOOOO....i will be in WDW in two weeks and i will try to find some pins on your list or i will come clean your house, give you a pedicure whatever! lol seriously i hope to perhaps make a trade in the future and a new friend. Any tips for my pin trading/shopping are welcome as well since i only really "got the bug" this last trip in jan--now its an addiction.
    Tried to pm you, but your inbox is full!!! I posted the time and place on the WDW 40th event thread. We won't be in on Saturday until later because my son has soccer early in the morning. After MK we are going to EPCOT for Food and event pins there!
    You are a true Jewel of a person and It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person today! <3 <3 <3 Cheers! to a long lasting new found Freindship! <3 <3 <3

    I am wondering what is your address so I can send the Alice in Wonderland Set Pin?

    Please send to me asap so I can drop it off at the post office thank you
    Hey Margaret.
    I have been reading everything, just not posting much. The good new is I am so busy with my new career.
    I have my passes again now too. Got them when I did my Club 33 visit.
    I have so much I want to post and I am sure you will see me back in action soon.

    Thanks for thinking about me.

    Hi, Margaret! I tried to PM you about your PM to my PM about Gomes prices, but an automated error message said you've exceeded your PM quota. :) So here's the message I tried to send:

    Yeh, if we could just win the lottery, life would be easier. I'd say "at least we have our health," but I know you've been through a rough patch healthwise. Here's to a happier, healthier new year!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's and I for one am trying my best to post more, get my pins re-organized (Very Hard Job) and make more trades. DD, I definitely want to see if we can gather enough folks to make in worthwhile. I'll try to find a good central location where we can all meet and trade and talk pins. I'll stay in touch.

    Hi margarent,

    I would let you know when I head down there. And I would love to set something up where we can all meet and talk about pins and learn from each other. I have two other friends that would also join me. ;-)
    Bruce - I'm so glad you are having a good time. That is the purpose of the Board and I hope you find as many friends as I have.

    Hi Margaret.

    I finally got around to posting feedback for our trade on the forum.

    I am having a blast on DPF.


    Hey Margaret.

    I have been so busy I have not even been able to go in the board. This is actually my first post on any message board ever!!!

    I'm trying to set up my page. How do you get that cool signature? I would like to get my name in Dalmatian theme. Can you tell I'm a Dalmatian nut.

    heya girlie!!!
    i tried to PM you but your mailbox was full.
    i sent your pins out a few says ago on the 16th.
    the shipping CN is 03102640000203545193

    Let me know if you dont get it today.

    Maybe they are getting slower due to the holiday?.......
    Hi, Margaret! I saw your message on my visitor page and replied there, but then thought I should reply here, too, just in case.

    I'll send you an email (probably just forwarding my previous email). The hinged storybook pins are in the price list on my website, but they haven't been posted with images and descriptions, so maybe that's why you can't find them.

    I am pretty sure that none of the pins we were talking about have been purchased or are being looked at by DPF Charter Members, but before you pay me, make sure I check the pins you want one more time.

    And please let me know if you get my email or not.

    Thanks, Margaret!

    I am glad to hear that you are doing a little better these days. I know it is a lot to go thru in a short amount of time. I think of you daily! I am so glad we became friends and feel so blessed to have met you!

    I am also so very jealous that you get to go to a MVMCP! I have never been either! We thought about going this year but then we opted for New Years Eve! I am sure we will have a great time on New Years Eve as well! If they have any special pins for that day, I will be sure to pick you one up!

    I hope your pins arrive today. I insured them due to the amount of pins. I felt that was the best thing to do.

    I like this new board! I think we will like it here! Seems very nice and so many familiar faces!!

    Talk to you soon!

    Peace, Love and Pixie Dust,

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