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  • Just saw your Jessica Rabbit drawing and completely fell in love! :drool: You are an extremely talented artist! :wiggle: I would be ecstatic to one day hang a Jessica Rabbit by you on my wall with my others! :x: LOL!
    Hey Tanya, Wrote you a few times but haven't heard back. Just hoping you're getting my messages. Please let me know.
    Hey Tanya,

    Thanks for letting me know! :) So excited :D

    Glad to hear you received your pins. I will let you know as soon as I get them :) Can you please put the value on the customsform at $20? Thanks!

    I didn't have a chance to say bye but thank you so much for today! You really made my day - I will cherish those pins :) Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!! :) :) <3
    Hi, we still have not heard from you--hope everything is okay, and we would appreciate your PM when you can get to it - thanks!
    Would you please get back with us when you can about the pins we purchased? We would appreciate it - thanks!
    I was in the first batch of your button sale, but I have yet to receive it. Do you have any updates?
    Hey Tanya,
    Just wondering when I'll be receiving the buttons. The event is just about a week today. I'm starting to get nervous because I really want to wear these at the event!
    :]Hello talesoftobv I have a question relating to your buttons. Did you have to get the admins approval to use DPF on your buttons? Im trying to make a product that says Disney Pin Forum but I'm alittle nervous to do so for this reason. Please let me know! I'd really appreciate it.
    Hello! :)
    I was just wondering... When did you send my Button? I have not recieved it and I'm worried I gave you the wrong address or something LOL

    Anyway Please let me know.
    If I did give the wrong address, Here is my correct one:

    Andrew Mandel
    549 S. Marigold Ln.
    Orange, CA 92866
    Hi Tanya! Thanks so much for everything... unfortunately Bob and Cat won't make it to the release tomorrow as they will be in San Diego. I will be at Disneyland on Sunday if you're going! :)
    Hi! I was wondering if it was possible to add my name (Eva) to the button under my screen name?

    It looks great!
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