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  1. brattyjedi

    Disney Releasing a Trading Card Game

    Not much on details yet. Just it will be a trading card game (think Magic, Pokémon, etc.), draw on Disney songs and stories, and release four new card sets each year. First characters will be revealed at D23 Expo. Ravensburger have done a pretty good job with games and Disney games of late...
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    What a Week - Bought a House and Vacation

    On Thursday my husband and I closed on buying a house! Never thought I’d be so excited to be broke after the down payment, closing costs, etc. but I own a house! It’s about 10 houses away from the rental we’ve been living in - down the street and around the corner - which is great. It’ll make...
  3. brattyjedi

    Zapped! Another one for the zap-a-thon

    Time for me to join the @summerskin party! I got 6 pins: cool 4 box set, a Mickey and Castle WDW 50th, and a Donald Tomorrowland! I also got a super cute Ducks stationery set. I do love me some Disney Ducks! Of course there was also lots of candy treats. Thanks so much!!
  4. brattyjedi

    D23 March Hare Mania

    This year’s D23 March Madness style bracket vote off has been announced. I suspect most people remember last year’s surprise upset when Figment knocked out Maleficent in the Dragon semifinals then went on to beat some Dinosaur for the overall win. This year the theme - building off Figment’s...
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    Just need to scream into the void?

    My university is currently under a shelter in place order from a bomb threat and has been for about 2 hours now. I teach at an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) and HBCUs across the US have been getting these on almost a daily basis for weeks. My first class of the day has already...
  6. brattyjedi

    Susan Arnold new Disney Board Chair(wo)man to replace Bob Iger

    Or as the BBC headline puts it “Disney elects woman as chairman for first time in 98-year history”
  7. brattyjedi

    PSA: Avoid the word “co-op” with PayPal

    A general public service announcement: avoid using the word co-op (or perhaps it is Santa?) with PayPal. A co-op was arranged here on the forum for the Letters to Santa pin set. I sent a payment in PayPal with a note that is was for the “Ducks Letter to Santa Co-Op” as I was getting the Donald...
  8. brattyjedi

    Trading: Gingerbread Houses Mystery Set Open Thread

    An open trading thread for the Gingerbread Mystery Set. I’ll post a photo of the set below then follow up with my own haves and wants.
  9. brattyjedi

    Disney Cruise Thanksgiving Parade Float

    Something to look forward to in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade: a Disney Cruise Line float, to go along with the Funko Pop “The Child” balloon previously discussed...
  10. brattyjedi

    Park Pin Trading News

    Just saw a post at the Disney Parks Blog on pin trading. Starting 15 October Mickey head shaped pin boards and “mystery” pin trading where you trade blind for an unknown pin. If they’ll guarantee no scrappers and counterfeits, maybe...
  11. brattyjedi

    Sold/Ended: D23 Membership Kit Lunchbox

    I’m looking for the D23 membership kit lunchbox for this year. My mom is a member and gave me the pins but wants the lunchbox. I was planning to order one of the extra membership kits that popped up on ShopDisney, but I was waiting until I placed another order to get the free shipping and of...
  12. brattyjedi

    Good Vibes Request

    Hey I’m more than a bit stressed today and could use some good vibes, perhaps for my husband, more than myself. He started having abdominal pain off and on this weekend that got pretty bad and constant rather than off and on last night. I’m a college professor with only Monday, Wednesday, and...
  13. brattyjedi

    Gwen Puppy's Portrait Session

    Several weeks ago I got a random ad on Facebook for a competition for a local business. On a whim I entered, not expecting to win. About a week later, I got an email that my dog, Gwen, had won a portrait session (value of $250) and coupon towards a portrait (value of $300) at the pet photography...
  14. brattyjedi

    For Sale: WDW Pickups: EPCOT (8/14), Springs(8/15), and DCL & Castaway Cay (8/16)

    Howdy all- Today for the first time since mid March 2020 a Disney Cruise Line ship will be departing from Port Canaveral, Florida with paying customers. This means that this time next week I’ll be going on a Disney cruise again! My vacation plan is to fly to Orlando on Saturday (8/14) and stay...
  15. brattyjedi

    Trading: Wishable Pin Open Trading

    An open thread for trading the Wishable pins, either series. **********
  16. brattyjedi

    Completed Game: Return of Star Wars Women Day Give Away

    Howdy all! Before the great disappearing, I was running a game to give away one of each of the four Star Wars women pins recently released by Her Universe. Entries had closed and if I had been more on top of things, I would have even ran the randomizer before everything went down, but life got...