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  1. swim2sea

    Serious buyer wanted for large collection

    I'm hoping to find a serious buyer who is interested in a collection of about 5,000 pins including framed sets. Some pins are Disney Auction, Disney Shopping, WDI, Event collections, with a few open edition pins in the lot. You would be responsible for arranging shipping for the collection...
  2. swim2sea

    Need a little cash money!!!

    These pins are all authentic and were either purchased by me or collected by me. I will guarantee their authenticity. If you don't like my price make me an offer.
  3. swim2sea

    The next UK Rapunzel pin!

    Ok, so everyone knows that the next UK pin is the Rapunzel and Maximus pin. Is there anyone out in pinland that can help me get one of these beauties? I'm more than will to pay upfront for the pin and for your shipping and shipping to me. I can even throw in some extra for your time. Thanks...
  4. swim2sea

    Made a terrible mistake and now need some help please!!!

    Well, in my infinite old age wisdom and using the new generation language - I screwed up. When the LM dolls came out Monday I thought that meant the Belle and Beast doll would come out today. Imagine my surprise when I got up at 3 AM and no doll. After some research, I realized that I'm a...
  5. swim2sea

    Treasure Planet & Atlantis

    Ok, so I'm trying to collect these sets and there never seems to be anyone who has one. Is there anyone out there who has actually seen the LE100 set of Atlantis pins? I just want to know it really exists. Who would have thought two sets of about 35 pins each would be so hard.
  6. swim2sea

    Pin Trading - Here to stay or going away

    I have had a discussion with a friend who seems to feel that pin trading is a fading hobby. They said that new traders are now getting bored with the prices and the difficulty and giving it up and older traders are tired of the sharking and bickering and getting out of pin trading all together...
  7. swim2sea

    Counterfeit, Scrapper and Fantasy Pins

    I'm interested to hear what you feel the definition for these pins means. I have my own, but I'm interested in learning what other people call these pins and how they classify them. Here's mine: 1. Counterfeit - a pin that Disney might have made but didn't and the person selling or trading...
  8. swim2sea

    Looking for someone please?

    Do anyone here know who *edited* might be on evilbay? I wanted to buy like 10 pins from him and for some reason I'm blocked. I have never left anything but positive feedback in all the years I've been buying and I have great feedback for myself. I wanted to ask him why he blocked me but I...
  9. swim2sea

    Limited edition china doll from oz the great and powerful

    I am hoping that someone here has an extra limited edition China Doll that I can buy, trade, or a combination of both. The deal I had fell apart and I find myself without the doll. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  10. swim2sea

    HELP!!! I need help from a computer wizard please.

    I'm trying to teach myself to use Adobe CS6 and in particular a program called In-Design. I'm stuck trying to print my booklet and need some help from someone who knows and understands the program. I can pay you in money or pins, but free advice would be great. For some reason my 65 year old...
  11. swim2sea

    Oz the Great & Powerful China Doll

    I'm hoping that someone has a Limited Edition China Doll that they would like to send to a good home - mine:) I didn't realize that it went on sale until it was too late. I can pay a little more than it costs, but I'm not looking to break the bank. I'll even trade pins for it, or a...
  12. swim2sea

    Better late than never!!!

    This pin has been on my wish list forever (well, since 2007) and I never thought I'd actually owe it. It arrived a couple of days ago, but I was unable to open the box and see the pin until today. Let me tell you the grail dancing has been going on all day at my house. Lots of yelling and...
  13. swim2sea

    Disney Magical Moment

    I don't usually post these things since they are most often very personal, but I just have to share this Disney Magical Moment. While at the Mickey's Circus event, I was in the line to get pins signed by the artist when I realized that I had left my Sinister Side Show Cheshire Cat in my room...
  14. swim2sea

    WDW PWP Tickets

    I would like to trade a full complete UNOPENED set of WDW PWP Tickets for a full complete set of DLR PWP Tickets. Thank you in advance for your help.
  15. swim2sea

    Disney Designer Villains

    I missed getting this set and will buy or trade or a combination to get the entire set. Please I'm begging - someone PLEASE help me out this time - PLEASE
  16. swim2sea

    Not all Disney dreams come true

    I was at Mickey's Circus and due to technical difficulties at the hotel, I couldn't get online in time to get the Designer Villains and then when I tried using my phone, I couldn't check out and now they are all sold out. If ANYONE has these PLEASE let me know. I'll buy, trade or anything to...
  17. swim2sea

    Bad news at mickey's circus

    If you have been to the events in the past (excluding the doomed to fail Florida Project), you will remember that Scoop always put in an appearance and gave a talk. Last year they did NOT invite him to the event. I've been emailing and have found out that as of yesterday, Scoop has NOT been...
  18. swim2sea

    Help me find someone

    I got a pin today and I have no idea who it is from. The return is xXyoucantbeatitXx in San Diego, CA. Does anyone know who this is and if you read this can you tell me did I trade with you or buy it from you or what. I'm so confused. Thanks. This is the pin:
  19. swim2sea

    WANTED TO BUY: Designer Princess Doll

    I'd like to buy a Rapunzel and an Ariel Designer Princess doll. I missed out on some of these dolls and want these to go with the Designer Villains. There has to be someone who is willing to help me out without ripping me off. I know there are a lot of very kind hearted people out there who...
  20. swim2sea

    Throwing in the towel, waving the white flag, surrendering - Peace, Love & Hapiness

    Ok guys you win, I'm thowing in the towel and surrendering to the pressure. Here goes: 1. Sorry all you traders in California. I DO realize that not all of you are sleazy, greedy people and I apologize if I lumped the good in with the bad. That was my mistake and I'm willing to take the...